Anniversaries and Landmarks

Anniversary Landmarks


It was our anniversary recently. Its special because its the day we got together, engaged and married (in different years obviously, otherwise that would be a busy day!)

This year is the first time we’ve been properly D/s during this time. We have been in this dynamic for over a year now but what we are now compared to then is completely different.

To celebrate we went child free. Shipped off to nanny and granddad’s for a night. So what are did we do?, fancy hotel? Go somewhere special? Not exactly. We used the time to go out and take photos, sleeping in our own bed at night with the hope of a nice lie in. We did go to one of our favourite restaurants first. They also make special treats for dogs. So we got a couple of bags for puppy.

Just to be clear humans shouldn’t eat food for dogs, but we checked the ingredients and they are human grade.

Times like this are special. It makes us appreciate the time we have. I had thought about what we were going to do. We practised rope play the week before, so we could do it on the beach. We also took a walk in some very quiet woods. By the time we got home it was getting quite dark. It had been full on, plenty of photos had been taken. We had a deserved lie-in the following day.

Days like these can be remembered as landmarks. A snapshot of the life we have currently. We may have times when we feel sad or frustrated when life gets on top of us. But I am fortunate, writing here makes me see that in a way I didn’t before. Celebrate those landmarks because they are an achievement.

Looking to the future

Our D/s dynamic is still in its infancy. There is time for more landmarks, first CM/nf event or any other kink event for that matter. It was quite the leap to go out to Eroticon. I hope next time we make better use of the time rather than quietly sipping a drink in the corner of a room.

Gaining that confidence to get out there has been helped by our website. In our first year of D/s we have had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting and fun people. I do hope that continues as we carry on exploring our kinks.

As we grow and gain more life experiences I am aware of our other commitments. Our children will get older, they will become more accustom of what we are, what it means. It may mean having to sit down we then and explain what is going on. I hope that they will understand and be positive. I would consider it a landmark to have children that acknowledge our dynamic and share the ideals of sharing, love and respect.

It will shape our dynamic in a way I don’t really know right now. It will evolve and we will change with it. So who knows where it will lead.



14 Replies to “Anniversaries and Landmarks

  1. First what an absolutely beautiful shot of gem – and second I am so pleased to have worked with you guys online – your blog is fab and growing everyday – just keep on doing what you are doing and congrats on your anni 😉 x

  2. What a sweet post and beautiful photo as always. Wishing lots more love and happiness for you both together ?

  3. Happy anniversary to you both, and I look forward to following your journey into the future. I think it’s fabulous that you want to share your dynamic with your children, and am sure that when kids know this from a young age, it will always seem natural and normal to them.

    Rebel xox

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