Church, Fears and Pews

Church, Fears and Pews- littlegem exposing her bottom through the pews of a church

A trip to a Church

PurpleSole remarked one morning that he remembered visiting a church that had a nice tower. He suggested we take the kids there and see if we could take some photos.

Church, Fears and Pews- a picture of the outside of a church

I’m not sure what I envisaged when I heard church tower. But, a steep and narrow rough stone spiralled set of 89 stairs, 2 rickety wooden ladders and a hatch door was not it. There was a warning at the bottom suggesting among other things ‘Danger, climb at own risk’ and the fearful stair and ladder count. Also, that young children should not go up.

Facing some fears

Great so it’s me on my own. I have a fear of heights, ladders and I don’t particularly like narrow stairs. My brain kept telling me that this really wasn’t worth it. What on earth would I do if I got to the top and was too scared to come down. At that point another family weighed up the odds of the warning signs and decided they would risk it, so I went with them. In full knowledge that any chance of taking naughty photos would be demolished as I wouldn’t want to show off my rude parts in front of their children.

I am really glad I did it. Yes I was terrified and my body was shaking so much my phone nearly fell out of my pocket. But, I made it to the top. I defeated my fears. The view was fantastic.

A photo of a rape field framed by the tower brick walls.

The family I had clung onto though the climb were then going down again when I remembered something vital. PS had decided that I was to wear no knickers today. To get down the hatch and the two wooden ladders would be quite exposing of this fact. So I decided to hold back until they had gone, listen through the hatch to make sure they had gone past the bell platform and ladders. Fuck, I was on my own and had to climb back down this hell tower with no ones help. Also, there was no opportunity to take exposing photos at the top of the tower. It was very windy and the safety railing blocking the wall meant no where to rest the camera. Double fuck.

The decent

Descending the stairs was worse. No handrail meant I was gripping onto bricks just to steady myself as I went down. I did manage to take a couple of photos on the stairs. I was fairly near the bottom so feeling a bit braver perhaps. They are quite terrible quality as it was dark and cramped, but I tried to have a bit of fun.

Church, Fears and Pews- littlegem climbing the stairs, her nipple just showing from inside her clothesChurch, Fears and Pews- a picture of littlegems legs dangling off the edge of the stairs in the church tower

Full of pride, I hugged PS and our children when I reached the bottom with actual tears in my eyes. I can’t relate how petrified I am of heights, narrow stairs and possibly falling to my death. PS then informed me that the church cleaning lady had gone and he wanted a picture in the pews.

I am not a religious person, I really hope my bottom in a sacred place doesn’t offend anyone that is.

Church, Fears and Pews- littlegem exposing her bottom through the pews of a church

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5 Replies to “Church, Fears and Pews

  1. I’m assuming this is a Church of England parish, but given the heartbreak of rampant sexual promiscuity and deceit in the Roman Church today, a bare arse in the choir stalls seems almost angelic.

  2. I love it that you were naughty in the church pews! And I love it that you overcame your fears and climbed to the top. I love church towers, the old worn steps, the stone walls and the rewarding view! But Iā€™m certainly not afraid of heights.?

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