Silk and Lace

Silk and Lace- a side view of littlegem wearing a half cup silk and lace bodice

This is another photo we took at Eroticon of my silk and lace half cup lingerie piece. We didn’t have a huge amount of spare time whilst we were there, we did utilise every minute of it. We had crammed into our bags a few different items of lingerie, plus a lot of toys. Knowing we wanted to take some photos whilst we were there. I really enjoyed being directed into different positions by PurpleSole as he snapped the photos. In the end I think hundreds were taken but once similar ones and photos I didn’t like were whittled away. I think we ended up with a handful of photos that we liked.

Looking back at the photos I don’t remember the extreme nerves we felt at our first Eroticon, just the fun of us both together messing around in the room. Don’t get me wrong we really enjoyed the conference and will be first in line buying tickets for next year. We are just not great in social situations so it was a lot to take in. In the room on the other hand we were just us, comfortable in each others company. When PS is taking my photo I play to the camera, wanting to be sexy for him and I become what he sees in me.

Please have a look at the wonderful lingerie photos on offer this week in Lingerie is for Everyone!

Lingerie is for everyone
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6 Replies to “Silk and Lace

  1. I’m not good with social situations either, but it was definitely worth being there. If I can pull of getting out of work to go next year, I’ll be there! And hopefully, a little more comfortably.

  2. This is a very sexy picture! I can very much relate to social situations being a little bit overwhelming. I hope you will go to the next Eroticon too though!

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