Exposed: Moss Blanket

Exposed: Moss Blanket. Littlegem lying in a tree nude apart fro, her coat and red boots. Her coat is just open so you can see her breast.

On a recent walk I got exposed again for some photos. When we arrived in the car park PurpleSole turned to me, asked me to strip down and then put my coat back on. I felt like a naughty teen again, shuffling my clothes off in the confined space of a car. As we began the walk the air was fairly cold and kept reminding me of my nudity. Passing walkers, I got a buzz hiding my secret exposed body under my coat.

Exposed: Moss Blanket. Littlegem lying in a tree that is covered in moss. She is only wearing her boots and coat that is open to reveal her breasts and bottom.

I liked the look of the moss on the tree in the photo, it looked like a comfortable blanket. Looks can be deceiving however. It had been raining the day before so the ground was still damp underfoot and the moss was soaking.

The idea PurpleSole and I had for the photo was that I was going to be lying on the tree completely exposed apart from my red boots. But after climbing on and discovering how wet it was the idea quickly changed.

Exposed: Moss Blanket. Littlegem lying in a tree nude apart fro, her coat and red boots. Her coat is just open so you can see her breast.

I have put in a couple of different shots from slightly different angles. The featured photo is PS’s preferred image.

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34 Replies to “Exposed: Moss Blanket

  1. This is a wondrous coincidence…our girls grew up referring to their vulvas as their mossy…LOL
    BTW a couple of those shots made me squirm a bit…THANK YOU.

  2. This is a lovely shot, great setting and a sexy idea (I love knowing a secret that other’s don’t, like your nudity under your coat). Adore these pics – the second (with more breast and your head turned away) is my favourite.

  3. I love the colours and your pose is so sexy and relaxed. I agree with PS in liking the main image the best although they are all lovely and it is nice to see a different view too 🙂

  4. That is such a delicious idea!! Early on in our relationship, my Queen came to my house (her first visit) and she was wearing a big fur coat (fake fur). I went to take her coat and she played coy—turns out she was wearing stockings, a garter belt and some very sexy see through lingerie. Need I point out that we had a wonderful time that evening…???

  5. Your pictures are always lovely, but I particularly love your adventures outside. The confidence in the instructions you receive is what calls to me in your posts. x

  6. Oh the wet and cold things I have sat and laid on for my images *laughs. I have regularly come home covered in dirty and mud.

    I think my favourite is the 2nd one, I love how you can see the definition of the muscle in your bottom and thigh in that one


  7. Oh what a beautiful spot! And your legs look terrific. And those red boots! This is am amazing image – I love the featured photo especially.

  8. Those are just beautiful images.

    I’d have been captivated just by your legs, even without realising there was more on show than met the eye.

    Beautiful woman, and a beautiful setting.

    Great images!

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