Back in the Picture

Back in the Picture, picture of littlegem

What are your motivations for taking sexy photos?

We take photos, quite a lot of them you may have noticed. It may not have been the reason we started a website but it certainly is a reason to keep doing what we do. Originally it was about how our relationship was shaping as we explored a new lifestyle. Now as we continue to share more details we challenge ourselves to take pictures that show this journey.

I tend to be behind the camera most of the time, barring a few occasions. So I get to see the difference in littlegem when we consider what shots we would like. Obviously we take them for prompts such as Sinful Sunday & Lingerie is for Everyone, which motivates us to carry on what we’re doing. We also take a picture for almost all of our posts. But there are a vast amount of shots we take just for ourselves, gem would have her face in them so there’s no way we would use them here. It’s always nice to look back at what we’ve taken, reminding us of memories, where we’ve been, how we felt.

I have seen a change in gem as we continue to take photos (we also have taken videos), her body language and the way she views herself. Maybe it’s because we feel part of a community that promotes body positivity. Getting naked in front of a camera and posting it online is no easy feat if you struggle to look at yourself.

Summer is approaching. Our photography is being taken outside, to really get those shots we want. There’s only too much you can do inside. I am responsible for finding the right locations, the quiet areas that are beautiful, and pushchair accessible.

Only a few times a year we have time for just us two so the children come with us. They are still young but are now starting to learn habits. This became apparent when we went to a woods and took some photos like these.

Back in the Picture, picture of littlegem

It was a warm Easter day, so it turned out busier than expected. Littlegem ended up lifting her skirt a few times for some shots. Our daughter had clearly seen as later in the day when I was holding her hand she stopped by a tree and lifted her own skirt, in front of a group of visitors. How embarrassing, but it has prompted a debate about how we view ourselves and how body confidence is something we should teach our children. Maybe not by getting naked in public, but teaching them to accept who they are.

Getting that shot

For our posts we need a picture to describe the words or the play. It’s not often that pictures are taken during play itself, unless done so for humiliation purposes. For this reason we need to re-create the scene. I’ll use this week’s Masturbation Monday post to illustrate.

The post was about an impromptu scene using a speculum and piss play. We discussed how to create an appropriate picture, with gem wanting a picture of us. I would rather a more artsy shot.

Speculum Play- littlegem lying on her back with her legs in the air blurred. Yopu can see a stream of liquid coming down on her.

So what we came up with was this. It worked better than we expected, there are plenty of times it simply hasn’t worked.

The liquid in the photo isn’t me. It’s from a sports drink bottle we found at the back of a cupboard, dyed with some turmeric. Littlegem is positioned as described in the text and I put the camera in place to be below her face but above her crotch. A bowl is placed in front of her to catch the liquid, this time we don’t want a mess.

Picture of Sports bottle and bowl

To get the focus right I use my finger in front of the camera where I plan to squirt the liquid. Putting the camera into manual focus keeps it in place and I set it to take pictures continuously. Holding the camera in my right hand, bottle in my left I begin squirting. It’s then a case of choosing the best photo and putting an edit on it.

Why we really take photos

It can seem silly sometimes, taking a step back and thinking what on earth are we doing? But we realise that what we’re doing is fun. We enjoy taking pictures together if they’re gem naked or not. There is now an extensive collection on our computer and it’s enjoyable to look back at the places we’ve been and what we got up to. Since becoming self hosted it can be easy to be bogged down by SEO, focus words and making sure that the website has the right number of links. The photo side is something that we can control on our own terms and nothing can take that away.



10 Replies to “Back in the Picture

  1. I am so glad you showed us all how you got that picture and I must say that is not what I expected. You two are so creative!

    1. Thank you. I saw your comment on gem’s post as I was writing mine and thought it would be a good example of the ridiculous things we do sometimes. Its all fun though ☺.

  2. That’s so smart, how you did the piss play reenactment picture! Thanks for letting us take a peek into your motivations to take pictures, and what is behind it all!

  3. Yes, in my view, fun should always be the most important and enjoyable thing in everything we do. And I’m sure looking back and reliving your photographic adventures will bring lots of happy memories.
    And that is such a lovely tree photo !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. Thank you, yes I’m hoping to put those memories into a little photobook. That will make an interesting addition to the coffee table.

  4. Ah, secret is out. I had looked at your piss-play/ speculum shot trying to figure out just how you’d achieved it. Thanks for revealing the magic trick!
    I always enjoy your photos. They have a lovely ‘warm’ feeling to them.

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