Rose Lace Lingerie

Rose Lace Lingerie- littlegem lying on a desk, legs up and head tilted to the side. she is wearing a halter neck black and red lace lingerie set
This is one of my favourite lingerie sets

It’s a rose lace lingerie in a halter-neck style which I think is quite flattering for my shape. It did come with hold ups but they are the self sticking kind that never stay up for me, I wonder if anyone else has that problem? I have worn this set only a couple of times, which sounds strange as it’s one of my favourites.

For me I only really get a chance to wear lingerie for role plays, like the erotic dancer one we did that I actually bought this rose lace lingerie set for. The other time I get to wear them is if we are taking photos. This picture was actually taken in our hotel room at Eroticon, we took others as well whilst we were there. The rest of our play PurpleSole usually prefers me nude so it’s a nice change when I do get the chance to ‘dress up’.

It is our anniversary at the end of the week and we are very excited to be having some child free time over the weekend. This does not happen very often at all. I know taking some pictures is on PS’s agenda so I might suggest this piece of lingerie.

I have included my photo for Lingerie is for Everyone, it’s a fantastic celebration of bodies! Click the button to see this weeks sexy lingerie.

Rose lace Lingerie is for everyone

13 Replies to “Rose Lace Lingerie

  1. I hope you both have a thoroughly enjoyable anniversary!! May it be only one, in a long, long list of anniversaries! And pervert that I am, I look forward to the resulting pics!???

  2. Gorgeous as always. That really does look like a lovely piece of lingerie. Happy Anniversary for the weekend, I hope you both have a wonderful time celebrating x

  3. this is gorgeous, you look stunning. im too busty for that halter style, but it’s one of my favourite sillouhettes! lucky!

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