The Life and Rituals of PS and gem

Littlegem in her chain, one of our rituals

This is a brief description of our everyday life. Within it I have added the rituals that have become part of our dynamic and how they are combined with our family life.


The alarm goes off. I get up to start running a bath. Littlegem stays in bed to get an extra few minutes rest. Once it’s ready I need to take the chain off that bonds her to the bed.

“Who’s are you?”

“I am yours”

With that the buckle around her cuff is released and the chain is put away in the cupboard.

Littlegem and I aren’t the tallest people, therefore we can share a bath. We may talk about how we slept, we might talk about how we need more sleep. Hair and body washed we dry off.


It’s time to get the kids up. We are blessed with children that enjoy sleep almost as much as us and gem wakes them up while I make breakfast.

After our breakfast we wrestle some clothes on the children, making sure teeth are brushed and that they aren’t still covered in porridge. They also help me make my lunch.

As much as a 2 year old can ‘help’ anyway.

I will also put some underwear out for littlegem to wear for the day, or not. Sometimes on the weekend I like her to have none on.


My alarm goes off again, it’s time to go to work. Everybody gets a kiss, especially littlegem.

“Who’s are you?”

“I am yours”


My break time at work, I will message gem to make sure everything is okay.


Lunch time, I check in on gem again. This is when I also have time to write.


As part of littlegem’s routine she is to exercise everyday. I use this time to quickly message her.

“Littlegem, have you done your exercise?” (I don’t use littlegem, I use her real name but you get the point).

“Yes Master”

“Good girl”

It affirms the control she wants me to have over her routine.


I return home from work. We all sit down at the table. Food is shovelled down by the kids but gem is to wait until I have started before she can. We usually then have bath fun afterwards with the kids before putting them to bed. After a story I sing to them as I put them down to sleep, whilst gem is clearing the carnage of the day downstairs.


I come downstairs, chastity belt in hand. Littlegem will be waiting for me kneeling by the sofa in the living room. She will be asked to bend forwards so that the belt can be attached. This may not be the case depending on circumstances.

The evening can now commence. We may play, we may chat on the Safeword Club. Some nights we will have just had enough and have a cuddle on the sofa.


It’s bedtime. We both go upstairs together. By the time I have finished brushing my teeth gem is kneeling at the foot of the bed. The chain is brought back out and attached to the bed. I tell her she can get onto the bed, putting the cuff round her ankle. Before getting into bed I may get out some moisturiser for her hands, knees and ankles. She deserves some care for all that kneeling after all.

Our lives are pretty standard

In the day to day running of them. For me the rituals we do help me to maintain my place in the power exchange. They are there to help me feel submissive to PurpleSole. We have been in D/s now for a year and although they did differ slightly at the start, the rituals we have now have been maintained for the best part of that time. If there was no place for them, or they didn’t work we would remove them. After all what would be the point. I think rituals for us have to add something to our lives to work.

Another positive from the rituals is that PS checking in with them, making sure they are maintained makes me feel valued. That my submission isn’t taken for granted. I think ultimately otherwise over time they would just fall away. I have learnt over time that I am not one that is able to offer submission up blindly. I need to feel the control for me to be submissive. The rituals are an element of this, PS exerting his control over me.

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10 Replies to “The Life and Rituals of PS and gem

  1. Thanks as always for sharing. I don’t think I ever saw a post on how the two of you actually got into your current dynamic in the first place… You have discussed how it evolved, what you like and have learned over the year, etc., but where did it originate from? From one of you at first? Both of you? To relieve stress / get closer after your children were born (just guessing)? It seems LittleGem might have had the initial desire to be submissive since she enjoys that so much, but that’s just me guessing. Maybe you were both “strictly vanilla” before… Or have you always had some kind of dynamic this way if less formally (doesn’t seem like it to me from what I can read…)? I am curious (and I bet others are too) on how this got started. Might make a good post!

    1. Thank you, yes I probably should. I think we’ve mentioned bits because you are very close. I’ll have to look back and see what I’ve missed.

  2. It’s wonderful to see how you go through your everyday life and with a few simple things, have managed to incorporate D/s throughout your days. Really lovely!

    Rebel xox

  3. It’s always nice to see how others blend D/s into a normal work and family life. It can and is done all the time, and those little rituals sustain us. Thanks for sharing!

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