Speculum Play: You’re In For A Treat

Speculum Play- littlegem lying on her back with her legs in the air blurred. Yopu can see a stream of liquid coming down on her.

Inspection night Speculum Play

The inspection that PurpleSole carried out this week didn’t follow the usual pattern of play. PS had one area that he decided to focus on and inspect rather than my whole body like he usually would. He did incorporate speculum play though, which has now become part of our inspections.

First of all he laid out the sex blanket (fully waterproof but soft like a snugly blanket). Then he asked me to lay down on it and have my legs wide apart. A flicker of confusion must have crossed my face, as I got the stern eyebrow look. Not wanting him to repeat himself, I did as he had asked. My legs wide apart I then feel him at my entrance, playing with my lips and teasing me. Satisfied with what he had started, I then have a cold sensation inside. He had used a syringe and squirted lube inside me. It tickled as I felt some trickle back out. I then felt the hard plastic of the speculum enter.

Knowing what was going to happen next I cringed inside. I have a love hate relationship with speculum play. Meaning that I love the feeling of it opening me up, but hate that I love it. The thought of what I must look like and what PS must be able to see also adds to this. The feeling of pressure against my vagina muscles increase as he opens me up. PS amplifies my squirming by telling me how wide I am, getting in really close to take a good look.

Fully opened up   

Once the speculum had fully opened me up PS got out the wand. Turning it down low he gently teased around my vulva. The vibrations occasionally knocking against the plastic of the speculum sending shudders inside. The feeling was very intense, I began to emit moans. PS continued to use the wand to massage me intimately, taking it away if my groans of pleasure became too loud. Edging me further, he focused the wand on my clit.

“I want to fill you up.” He said as he took the wand away. I pouted from the sudden lack of stimulation. “Don’t worry, I know you will enjoy this.”

I was told to put my legs up towards my head, lifting my bum in the air. The view I was met with, right between my legs with the top of the speculum just in vision, made my face heat. This was only made worse as I realised what PS meant by ‘fill me up’.

Getting wet  

PS took his cock in hand and stood over me. “You know how much you enjoy me pissing on you, lets see if you enjoy it when you are you wide from the speculum.”

My face burning from being confronted with our kinks, being made to hear and see it twists me inside further. The warmth of his urine hits me inside, the intensity of it makes my muscles clench. For the first time since we have been doing speculum play, I managed to fire it out of me. After confirming that I was OK to continue, he did so, just minus the speculum for the time being. The act of PS using me as his toilet makes me feel deeply submissive. Everything about it, from the humiliation of the act, the pure wrongness of it and his stance just does it for me. The power of his stream against my clit feels amazing, like a warm deep vibration. The sensation of him pissing inside me, filling me up so much it spills out is a real turn on. Using speculum play with this was too intense, but I would like to give it another try at some point.

Once PS had finished, he allowed me to dry off a bit. Although warm at the time, piss turns cold very quickly. Shivering cold and covered in sticky piss is not a good look.

I was then told to lay back down, to my delight he wasn’t finished with me yet.

Even wetter

Lying on the blanket I could just see PS get the bit tub of lube out of his case. I like the big tub, it has the words fisting on it. He generously applied some lube to his gloved fingers and began working it inside me. The pressure of the speculum previously inside had heightened my sensitivity. I looked at PS, pouting I whined whilst telling him he would make me squirt if he continued.

“Oh, I better make sure the blanket is fully opened out then.” He taunted, knowing his words would humiliate me. The idea of squirting is another one of those things that makes me feel embarrassed. I enjoy doing it a lot, it just makes me squirm to hear about it. In a good way of course. PS continued to rub my g-spot when the inevitable happened. Going back to circling inside, he then lifted his fingers out of me and pressed them up towards my clit. This caused my body to squirt hard once more.

“Well you missed the blanket that time.”

Between the moans I buried my head into the blanket, hiding my shame. He continued to do so, mixing it up between g-spot and clitoral stimulation until my body felt like it was empty. I don’t know how long he was making me squirt for or how many times, I had spaced out by this point.

Orgasm denial

“I want to make you come with the speculum in.”

The speculum was inserted back inside my aching body. I was so desperate for a release after all that had happened. I did not think that I could last very long. PS got the wand and caressed it against my clit, it pulsated. My muscles kept clenching, feeling like they were trying to force the speculum out. But instead of it moving out, they seemed to hold it firmly in place this time.

My body felt like it was going to burst. Every part of me felt connected to my clit. He kept toying with it, making my eyes water. I felt so needy, so hungry for an orgasm that I could have screamed. I begged to come, but with no reply. He made me wait denying me for a bit longer, until he finally replied.

“I will allow you come now. But If I do, you are not going to come again for a month.”    

With no pause I accepted the offer and was counted down. The orgasm took hold of my body and wouldn’t let it go, it had me in it’s grips as it took it’s time rippling through me. I was left a limp mess.   


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20 Replies to “Speculum Play: You’re In For A Treat

  1. Please let us know if you are denied for the whole month. I think denial of a female must be harder than denial of a male. But I would be interested in knowing how you feel as the month progresses.

    1. I think I will write a few posts about it. It’s been just over a week so far of denial and it’s amazing how responsive and needy I have become!

    1. I’m afraid it was a staged pic, hope that doesn’t ruin it. The ones taken during play were too erm messy and I wasn’t comfortable sharing them!

    1. Thanks. I really enjoy being denied although obviously I really want to come aswell. It’s an interesting battle in my mind during play.

    1. Lol that’s the best reaction so far. I was worried it would fall under too many people’s ‘not my kink’ category and put people off reading!

  2. I don’t know if I would hold out a month – I may orgasm while sleeping – will be interested to hear how it works for u 😉

  3. It may not be my kink, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love reading it. I can imagine the turn on even, especially as you describe it, and I love how you squirm when faced with your kinks. Sometimes they do that to us, and the burning of our cheeks makes us all the more desireable. Thanks for sharing this scene.

  4. Fuck, this is excellently written. This post got hotter and hotter as I read more and more of it – the speculum play would usually be a hard limit for me, but the way it was combined with piss play, humiliation and orgasm denial has made me wonder if it’s something I might like to try some day!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed. It was certainly a delightful cocktail to receive and they would have been hard limits for me too not so long ago. ?

  5. I have to wonder if faced with the same choice — orgasm and then none for a month — which I would choose. I honestly don’t know if I could purposely go without for that long. I have without trying, but NOT while being reminded, teased, and all the other deliciously kinky things that tend to happen during denial, lol.

  6. Oh oh, now that was a hot scene! I love being pissed on, too! I am way too much into humiliation than I would like to admit sometimes. Orgasm denial for a month sounds really hard to do! I think I would snap after about a week and just beg the life out of me, haha.

  7. I missed this when published. So glad I’ve just caught up with it now as reading it thrilled me and delghted me in so many ways. I find speculum play to be a wonderful turn on. I really appreciated the detail in this post and when I reached the part where you were used as a toilet, well I was fit to burst.

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