Bust My Bubble

Bust My Bubble- A close up of littlegem's breasts in black and white with a bubble just touching her nipple

Bubble, bubble, POP!

There is a photo that PurpleSole absolutely loves. It’s of our children in the garden surrounded by a sea of bubble. The look of amazement and joy on both their faces is just lovely and rare in our photo’s.

“What about a photo like the one of the children, just with your breasts instead.”

I looked outside at the dull sky, wet grass and threatening clouds and grimaced. Although I enjoy taking photos outside, I get cold really easily. We settled on a compromised and had some fun with the bubbles inside instead.

Our first attempts were very much bubble-less. We used the ‘turbo bubble machine’ but it was too powerful. Bubbles were everywhere just not in shot as the air from the machine was blowing them away and into the ceiling. The next attempt was with me blowing the bubbles…whilst lying down. Yeah I didn’t think that one through, bubble mix dripped all over my face.

After we had stopped laughing and composed ourselves a bit. PurpleSole tried blowing the bubbles seductively at me whilst he was holding the camera.

Bust My Bubble- A close up of littlegem's breasts with a bubble just resting on the top of her nipple and other bubbles in the background

I think the result were a lot better. There were a few we liked but these two photos with the bubbles on my nipples really stood out for PurpleSole. He couldn’t decided between the two shots so I have included them both. I think my preference is the black and white one below (used for the featured photo).

Bust My Bubble- A close up of littlegem's breasts in black and white with a bubble just touching her nipple

When the weather is a bit warmer I would like to try using the bubbles again for a photo outside. I think bubbles look better when the sun is capturing all the colours in them.

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32 Replies to “Bust My Bubble

  1. How cute. I’ll bet the look on your face was as full of fun as the one you have of the children. Beautiful as ever guys xx

  2. I LOVE bubbles! I got a bottle of hardening ones when I got my Unzip Me zip to try out, goodness knows what they’ll be like! These are beautiful and sensual images, I love the details and textures in them all! x

  3. What a brilliant. We used to have one of those bubble machines but the kids grew out of it and I got rid of it… Not I realised I missed a trick


  4. Gosh, you women have beautiful breasts and perfect nipples! What a lovely photo! O love the coloured version best

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