Butt Plug It Up

Butt Plug It Up- bent over wearing a leather skirt thats lifted just above her bottom. Revealing a jewelled butt plug

“Stacey, I want you to insert a butt plug before you go to the supermarket.”

I mulled over the yet unopened message. I could pretend I hadn’t seen it. She wouldn’t know. I toyed with these thoughts for a couple of minutes, disturbed only by a beeping.

“You are almost glued to your phone, respond now…”

She knew me too well. I opened the messages and read on.

“…In the way you are meant to please. Or are you too busy thinking about your arse being stretched taking in that big cold butt plug. I can imagine that would make you very wet.”

I could feel the heat making my face flush as my eyes flicked across the words. How could I possibly fulfil this task. What if people knew, or if I gave it away by walking funny. I took a deep breath, but my heart was racing. “Yes Domina.” I pressed send.  

“Good girl, I know you would want to please me. Now make sure you wear that short leather skirt that you have. And Stacey, don’t forget to clench your muscles around the butt plug tight, you wouldn’t want it to slip out now would you.”


I parked my car as close to the entrance as I could, but on a Saturday morning it was busy. I squirmed, shuffling myself around in the car seat. Moving my arse cheeks with my muscles I could feel the protruding end of the plug pressing against my flesh. I tentatively put my hand under my skirt and inside my knickers to check the butt plugs position. It was warm now, heated from my body. Grabbing my handbag from the passenger seat, I saw my phone flashing.

“I forgot to mention a few things my dear Stacey, must have been caught up in the thought of your tight arse and that plug making their acquaintance. You are not to wear any knickers and I would like a photo of you inside the supermarket. Proof that you have done as I ask.

 A photo, I just couldn’t. She had asked too much of me this time. Shit, and no knickers. People will see, especially in this skirt, it’s just too much. My mind raced through all the reasons why I couldn’t go ahead. Good and legitimate reasons why any person would not entertain this from their friend. Then I calmed and remembered, she’s not just my friend.

We had found each other on an online forum about BDSM. I had never done anything like that before but knew something was missing for me. A few internet searches later and my mind had been opened up to possibilities. Then I had joined the forum and became ‘Stacey’. She had read a few of my posts that were seeking advice and a friendship blossomed from there. A different kind of friendship, one where we had never met but seemed to know more about each other than anyone else does in my life. Then as we became closer she wanted to push my boundaries, I eagerly accepted her offer to become my Domina. The rush it gave me to slowly have myself opened up, new layers that I never knew existed of me. New ways to bring amazing pleasure.

I pulled my knickers down awkwardly whilst still in the car seat and shoved them into my handbag. One final check of the plug with my fingers, still there but getting a bit moist. Swinging my legs to the side, I opened the car door and got out as gracefully as I could manage.   

Walking around the supermarket it felt as if my body wasn’t mine. My muscles twitching around the butt plug, feeling as if it was being pulled in deeper and deeper. Trying to occupy my mind with the shopping list, I kept being drawn back to my task. The idea that I had to take a photo somewhere was playing on my mind.

“I imagine you feel so full with that butt plug inside you. Wouldn’t it be awful if the people around you knew what a dirty little anal slut you are.”

Just the sound of my phone going off was enough, the aching inside had spread to my clit. The message had just sealed my fate. I quickly snapped a photo of myself, trying to make it as sexy as I could in a supermarket. Leaning over slightly next to one of the shelves full of produce and pressed send.

Scurrying around as quick as I could to finish my shopping, I tried to avoid making eye contact with anyone. Hoping I didn’t run into anyone I knew. Finally I had finished and joined one of the queues to the check out. Then once again my phone went off. My clit pulsed at the noise, the thought of what she could possibly say next.

“Beautiful arse as always, but not quite what I had in mind. I want to see that glistening gem Stacey.”

“Please Domina I am already at the tills, I really need to get out of here.” I tapped my reply and hastily sent it.

“So quick to leave, are you just too turned on from feeling that large butt plug stretching you. I bet you are so wet and horny Stacey, just knowing people might discover what you are wearing. Or were you trying to get home so you could touch yourself, you dirty girl. Either way I don’t care, take the photo please Stacey”

Remembering the supermarket had a fitting room in their clothing department, I started to make my way there. Picking up the first item of clothing that I saw, I went through the curtain into the cubical. I looked at myself in the mirror, face flushed and a bit dishevelled from the efforts. There was one thing I couldn’t help but notice, the massive grin on my face. I was enjoying every embarrassing minute of it. The humiliation of being out in public with a plug buried deep in my arse. Her messages reminding me, almost taunting me, they made it that much hotter. I twisted inside at an effort to accept my kink, getting off on something that also makes me cringe to think of.

Butt Plug It Up- close up of her bottom, leather skirt lifted just above her bum cheeks , revealing a jewelled butt plug

Putting my hand upon the mirror and bending over, I then lifted my skirt slightly to reveal my jewelled butt. A photo snapped on my phone, I stood and looked at it a while. It wasn’t appealing to my eyes, seeing only the negatives. But I knew she would like it, she had a way of seeing the good bits and making the bad bits not so. I felt sexier through her eyes. A final glimpse and I sent it off to her, my beloved friend.    


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  1. This is a hot little story… there is something just so naughty about wearing a plug out in public. It indeed is as if everyone knows!

    Rebel xox

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