Butt I Do Like To Masturbate

Masturbate- littlegem facing the wall nude, a rabbit vibrator toy in hand pressed against her butt. Double exposure has been used to give the effect that the toys head is spinning.

Masturbate but not come

PurpleSole recently asked me to masturbate during the day whilst he was at work, but not come. I wrote in To Masturbate Or Not To Masturbate about how I thought this would be difficult for me. To pleasure myself and not have a release would take a lot of self-control, something I’m not great at. After taking the photo for my post I was feeling a bit naughty, my hand down my knickers for the pose had put me in the mood to go further.

One of PurpleSole’s stipulations was I had to touch myself whilst watching porn. I like to watch amateur creations, I think they seem more personal that way. I chose a few different videos to watch that had a bit of a central theme to them.

My fingers felt their way down inside my cotton knickers, grazing the heat of my mound. Using my first two fingers I played with my clit, toying with it idly as I watched the screen. Sucking my fingers to moisten them, I use circular motions against my hard nub. Enjoying the sensations it brings. I then dip my fingers inside my lips, a warm wet feeling meets them. I slide them in further, taking a heavy breath as I do. It feels good but I know I want more.

I hadn’t clarified the rules of the task and PS had been vague. He had said I would need to masturbate for half an hour, but he didn’t say anything about what I could use or where I was allowed to touch on myself. Deciding that if he hadn’t said not to use something to aid me then I could. I went to the cupboard that our toys are kept in, I knew that I wanted something long but wasn’t sure exactly what. The first thing I found, that fit what I was looking for. The mystery box toy that we got from LoveHoney at Christmas as a free gift (clearly we bought too many toys to earn this). It’s not huge but it will do, I thought to myself.

Lying back down on the sofa, video still playing of a woman pleasuring herself.

I gently rub the toy against my vagina lips and flick the vibrations on. Teasing myself with it for a bit, I then slide it inside me. I hear the whirr of the motor slow on the toy as my muscles clench around it. Flicking the vibrations up a bit I thrust the toy in and out. It’s ‘rabbit ears’ nudging against my clit at the same time were too much, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep that going for too long. Rotating the toy so they were facing down instead I carried on. I could feel the head of the toy moving inside me, hitting against my g-spot. Rhythmically I fuck myself, whilst fighting the urge to shut my eyes to disappear into the pleasure.

Consuming another video I decide to emulate a little bit of what I’ve been watching, I did say there was a central theme. I remove the toy, turn the vibration off and press it against my anus. It has a pleasant heat to it and is slick from its use. I feel my tight muscles relax and give way to it as I press the toy in. Slowly at first and keeping it shallow, I move it around. It feels firm and satisfying. I push it in deeper, enjoying the hot feeling inside. Whilst watching the screen I imagine myself in their place, having both my holes fucked at the same time. My cheeks flush at the thought, of wanting something so fulfilling and forceful to happen to me.

My pace quickened and I flicked on the vibrations. The head rotating whilst buried deep in my arse felt amazing. I could feel an orgasm build and I didn’t want to quell it. I just wanted more. My greed grew along with my speed. I could feel my muscles gripping tight.

I then stopped. The half an hour was up. I messaged Master as requested, to tell him I completed his task. With full intention to be finished.


But I wasn’t…


I looked at the clock, I had roughly half an hour until the kids woke from their naps. Then I had a thought. Maybe an anal orgasm doesn’t count as an orgasm. Maybe if it was a complete ‘surprise’ orgasm, that wouldn’t be my fault. Yes, maybe.

I went back to the cupboard of sin. Finding what I needed, along with some lube. Placing it on the floor, whilst convincing myself of my actions.

I’m too embarrassed to write what happened next. I have reached my limit of what i’m willing to share. I will say I didn’t orgasm though, my head won on that account at least.  

Masturbation Monday

14 Replies to “Butt I Do Like To Masturbate

    1. Haha, yes I think PS might start to be a bit more specific when he asks me to do things. I think he enjoyed hearing about it though and made me write it down to add some embarrassment.

  1. Naughty girl, gem! I can’t edge myself because it’s way too hard to stop and I do exactly what you did, justify it in some way. “If I can come without touching myself, it doesn’t count, right?” LOL, wrong! You did well to stop in time though!

  2. I’ve always found that if I take “advantage” of a lack of clarity, it’s a while before I get that opportunity again because JB becomes CRYSTAL clear the next time, lol. Doesn’t stop me from trying, though.

  3. Oh, now I want to know what happened next! Ha! I can don’t see you breaking any rules there, you were expanding the time, you had completely the task and there wasn’t any kind of “only half an hour”-limit! I am glad that you actually were able to get an orgasm though, that is some self-control right there!

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