Bare Bottom In The Woods

Bare Bottom- littlegem climbing up a fallen tree with her legs and bottom exposed

On one of our walks in the woodland park we came across a fallen tree. I liked the textures of the bark and the twisted nature of the branches. I asked PurpleSole if he could take a photo of me nude on it. As I really thought it was pretty and didn’t want to miss the opportunity. He didn’t allow it as the park was too busy for a full nude shot but snapped this picture of my bare bottom as I was climbing around on it. Although it’s not the photo that I wanted, I still quite like it.

Bare Bottom- littlegem climbing up a fallen tree with her legs and bottom exposed

We have taken quite a lot of outdoor shots recently, most of which have been for our Scavenger Hunt. There are a few more that we haven’t shared, yet. I’m excited that at the end of May we will have some time without the children that we hope to take advantage of in many ways. But one being some more nude photos outside.

If you enjoyed this photo of my bare bottom, check out our gallery for more.

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37 Replies to “Bare Bottom In The Woods

  1. This is a magnificent shot. The angle and curvature of the wood really bring out the shape beautifully – I love the confidence of that pose, a purposeful stride.

  2. Your photograph is beautiful, but I also love your attitude…” I saw something beautiful and wanted a nude shot with it…” the boldness to ask for it and self confidence/feeling of confidence in PurpleSole to produce this shot between you. x

  3. Ohhh child free camera time…. how exciting. And I have not done a Scavenger Hunt in ages. I really must have a look at the list and do some more


  4. I love the viewpoint on this and the fantastic contrast of your soft skin and the rough gnarled wood, brilliant composition and such a great opportunity! I’d love to be able to do this…x

  5. I love the colours, shapes and textures in this image. And I am also impressed with how daring you have become. I am so pleased you are enjoying taking the images so much as I really enjoy seeing them 🙂

  6. Wow, this is a beautiful shot. The texture of the wood and your skin, the bold way you move, how your lines echo those of the wood. Well done! Definitely a favorite of mine!

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