Spanking- You Know You Want To Hit That

Spanking- littlegem lying face down with her skirt pulled up. Her bottom cheeks are slightly red


Impact play is a regular part of our dynamic. Usually it takes place once a week, I even tried to coin the phrase ‘spank the Monday’ to help me remember the types of play we had for different days of the week. A crucial part of this part is spanking. It is the foreplay to greater things and provides the connection to allow us to get into the right head-space for play.

Removing the wedding ring from my hand, I place it on safely on the table beside me. Gem may be commanded to stand, get on all fours or over my knee. The touch of her bottom, feeling the warmth. Gently pinching the skin between my finger and thumb. I prepare her skin for soft taps. As she gets used to it, the taps become stronger, hearing the sound of the slap against her skin intensity.

I enjoy feeling my bare skin against PurpleSole’s clothed legs, the position itself really makes me feel submissive before the spanking has even started. Their is such a raw force when PurpleSole uses just his hand to spank me, much more intimate than if he uses impact objects. The act of him pulling down my knickers, or pulling up my clothes really appeals to me as well. I like to be made to feel small.


If the position is right then spanking is great. I feel connected to gem, knowing we are doing something we enjoy together. I can spank her until my hand can’t take any more. But sometimes it’s not quite right, my leg can begin to feel numb if gem isn’t quite comfortable. It can be distracting, maybe it’s because of my bony body. So there has been a lot of experimentation to get a good position that works for a good length of time.

We have also experimented with over the door cuffs, which have been a worthy investment. Having gem up against the door puts her in a good position for me to provide any sort of impact play. Constant check ins are needed so her arms don’t go numb or for any loss of consciousness. Although spanking doesn’t usually get us that far so it is very suitable.

Spanking- littlegem lying face down with her skirt pulled up. Her bottom cheeks are slightly red

Spanking as Punishment

Spanking is intended to provide pleasure. There was only been one time it has been a punishment. Gem tried to get out of a punishment by becoming her little self, ruby. Her skirt was lifted and she was given short sharp spanks, no warm up. It proved effective.

Ruby did not enjoy being spanked, I think she cried and pleaded for Daddy not to do it. It did work as a punishment in a way that I haven’t used her in attempts to get out of a punishment again. In our dynamic we don’t really have a punishment system anymore, more rewards for things that are done that PS likes. As I enjoy being spanked usually it just wouldn’t work for us.


A stalwart in the BDSM arsenal, spanking is quite underrated. To feel that connection between us, it can be as gentle or a rough as I allow it. Plus gem has a lovely bottom, it’s a pleasure to be able to spend the time just touching it.

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  1. It is great to see they way that it works for both of you so I always really enjoy the double posts. I like hearing the D perspective too as that often surprises me. 🙂

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