Outdoor Sex

Outdoor Sex- a black and white image of PurpleSole holding littlegem up against a gate with his trousers down exposing his bum. Littlegem has her trousers at her ankles

Outdoor sex is something PurpleSole and I used to engage in a lot when we were younger. It might have been because we lived at home with our parents still so not many opportunities to have sex. Well not after at the breakfast table one morning after PS had gone home, my parents utterly humiliated me telling me that they could hear everything last night and that I wasn’t to have sex here anymore. I was 18, where on earth else did they expect us to do it.

We got creative

After my failed attempts at being a bit quieter we had to get creative. We certainly weren’t going to stop having sex so we just had to find somewhere else. I should point out that PS had a single bed at his parental home so although it was an option, it was a bit of a tight squeeze.

I can’t remember exactly where our first time outside was, as there is a fairly extensive list ranging from field to zoo. But I do know that we had a discussion around the fact that it was the adrenaline rush that I enjoyed. Knowing that we could be caught at any moment was very much the turn on. With this is mind I think I pushed for more and more risky places for our outdoor sex adventures. Luckily we never got caught, although we did come close a few times. Must have been our innocent looking faces.

Outdoors Over Indoors?

I am not certain that PS really enjoyed the outdoor factor, he was willing to indulge me because you know sex is fun and when your young you take it in any form possible. But, I don’t think he got the same thrill that I did.

As we grew older and moved into a house together the amount of outdoor sex did pretty much deplete. We had a whole house to play around in, a prickly bush or dirty floor didn’t hold the same appeal that it used to.

Outdoor Sex- a black and white image of PurpleSole holding littlegem up against a gate with his trousers down exposing his bum. Littlegem has her trousers at her ankles

We still do have outdoor sex occasionally though.

We purchased an inflatable hot tub a few years back that has certainly seen some action. Our garden is fairly overlooked so we put up a large parasol and kid ourselves that this gives full privacy. That and the cover of low light in a summers evening. I really enjoy the relaxing heat of the water caressing my body as PS does. The water also aids in some interesting positions that would otherwise be more difficult to sustain. I’m not sure if being outside adds to the appeal as much as it being in warm water. Although, I suppose I do get a bit of a buzz from walking across the patio naked.

For our prostitute role play recently I gave PS a blow job in the back of a car. He had parked off road. I’m counting in a car as outdoors. That certainly was thrilling and in the moment I could have easily been pushed to take it outside the car.

I think outdoor sex is something that we would do more now if we had the opportunity. Recently when we go out for walks PS has me wear easily removable clothes and no knickers for if a photo opportunity arises. So equally it would be fun to take full advantage of these occasions further if it wasn’t the fact our young children are usually with us. Mummy naked is one thing, I don’t want to absolutely scar them for life.

A fantasy of mine does include being chased in a wooded area and forced to have sex. The idea of using consensual, non consensual play outside really does appeal to me. I think though, for the foreseeable future, that will have to stay a fantasy. 


8 Replies to “Outdoor Sex

  1. Interesting…. I had a lot of outdoor sex with my first husband… fields, buses, abandoned buildings… but by the time I met MrH I had my own house and there was no need for it…

    Now, I would love MrH to take me for a walk in the woods and fuck me senseless, or have me give him a blow job, but I’m pretty sure it’s not something he wants to do, so it will remain in my fantasy box too ?

  2. Thanks for the memories. my ex and i had several outdoor experiences including behind my grandparents grave site. probably the strangest. place

  3. There is something so incredibly sexy about outdoor sex, probably because of the fact that one can get caught.

    Rebel xox

    PS: I love the new look of your site 🙂

    1. Lol, yeah I don’t know what we were thinking at last the time. Well apart from we were horny. I don’t think I’m overly proud of it, dread to think what would have happened if caught!

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