Puppy’s Trip

Puppy's tail, ready at the vets

This post loosely follows on from Her Master’s Voice,  a story about a town where pet play is seen as the norm. A man finds a puppy and becomes her Master.

“Get down!” he commanded. It had been a few weeks since Arthur became puppy’s Master. In the time since then he felt more discipline was needed, puppy’s playfulness was now becoming cheeky. Puppy had got used to sleeping in his bed rather than her own near the foot of her Masters bed. So much so that she was now chained so not to jump into his bed during the night. He had also found her on the furniture when he had come home from work.

However Arthur was still as fond of her as he ever was. Any extra money he earned bought all sorts of toys and treats for puppy, he thought maybe the trouble could be he was spoiling her too much. Puppy needed some other kind of stimulation, so Arthur had a think about what she might need.

A few more days passed, puppy was at home alone, staring at Master’s chair longingly. It was tempting to jump on, forbidden, warm, inviting. She rested her chin on it, until she heard a noise at the door.

It couldn’t be? It is much too early to be Master. But it was, he was home early. She bounded towards to him, her excitement shown through the swaying of her hips. Arthur didn’t take off his coat, instead he grabbed puppy’s lead and knelt to face her.

“Come on puppy, we’re going out.”

Puppy say down and proudly lifted her chin, allowing the lead to be attached to her collar, she loved walks but wasn’t expecting this extra one.

Passing the usual houses, puppy didn’t notice a difference in their path until they walked straight past the park. Puppy saw the soft grass and pulled at the lead, looking up at her Master longingly.

“Not today puppy, I’m taking you somewhere special.”

Down a couple more streets, past the village shop and through a small alleyway, they arrived. A large sign greeted them outside that read ‘Canistown Hu-Pet Veterinary Surgery’. Arthur opened the wooden door, noticing a now shy puppy he encouraged her in.

Inside they were met by an older lady behind a desk.

“Mr Bevington, I booked an appointment yesterday.”

“Your pet’s name?”


She paused, looked down over her glasses. “How original”, she rifled through various pieces of paper before thrusting the appointment card in his direction.

“Fill this out before you go in.” She was in no mood for conversation. Arthur and puppy made their way into the waiting area. It smelt clinical and was ever so quiet. The only others in the room were a stern looking woman head to toe in leather with male pups either side of her. They sat obediently beside her, much better behaved than puppy who was looking around the room, searching for something to play with. Arthur filled out the form, occasionally looking away to make sure puppy wasn’t getting up to something she shouldn’t. It wasn’t long however before they were called in.

“Mr. Bevington and puppy, the vet will see you now.”

They were led into a room full of surgical instruments, books and charts. Arthur handed the now filled out card to the vet who instructed him to place puppy on the table. It was hard black and cold, Arthur also couldn’t help notice the restraints around the edge. He also noticed they weren’t alone.

“As you can see I have a couple of students with me today, is it okay if they observe with me?”

Arthur agreed, however he could see puppy was quiet and nervous. Moving around to her head he whispered in her ear “everything will be okay, I’m here,” with that he stroked her hair. Puppy melted at his words and became more comfortable despite the number of people gazing at her.

The vet put on a pair of surgical gloves and began to study puppy. Looking over her body, while the students took note. Puppy was aware of the eyes on her, but it didn’t seem to matter as she remained still for him.

“Up on all fours now,” the vet needed to look at her ribcage and held it with both hands, feeling for anything untoward. As he did he would describe the actions, explaining to the students why it was important to check so carefully. Sliding his hands down he observed the curves in her hips.

“Very good puppy, now roll over for me.”

Arthur was quietly watching, noticing how puppy followed every command. The precise directions were followed immediately and obediently. He saw how puppy’s mind had wandered and allowed control to be taken of her.

The vet was now looking in her mouth, his fingers rubbing her gums while he inspected her teeth. Pleased with what he saw he moved on.

“Sarah, I would like you to check puppy’s teats.”

The student put down her notepad and walked towards the table, puppy’s face became flushed as she saw the young woman approach. Her hands were warm and puppy’s eyes rolled back as she held her breasts.

“Make sure to have a good look at the nipples,” the vet instructed from behind her. Arthur could see both Sarah and puppy squirming at what was going on, letting out a smile.

“Very good Sarah, you can stop now.” She nervously backed away, puppy too looked rather flustered.

The vet turned towards Arthur. He was pleased with what he had saw from his visual observations.

“I’m now going to conduct a few other tests. Now, have you thought about breeding?”

Arthur wasn’t expecting such a question, “erm… no I hadn’t.”

“Well I would like to check internally if that’s ok with you. We will need to tie puppy down for a short while,” Arthur looked down at puppy and agreed.

“Very well,” the vet grabbed some straps and positioned puppy on all fours, shoulders down with her tail pointing up. The straps were tightened, keeping puppy in place.

“George, pass me the instruments please.” The other student brought out a tray with a range of metal and glass objects.

“We’ll start by taking a core temperature.” With this he grabbed a large glass thermometer, with a spiral design. Lifting puppy’s tail, he exposed her vagina. His gloved hand felt between her legs.

“Not much lubrication required, she’s already quite wet,” as the thermometer was slowly inserted. Puppy’s back arched, restrained by the straps.

“Now I’m just going gently turn the thermometer into position to make sure we get a correct reading,” the vet spoke softly as he screwed in the glass thermometer. With every turn puppy allowed herself to be fully filled. After a couple of minutes it was withdrawn and examined, showing the students the results.

“Everything looks perfect, now for a final internal inspection.” He grabbed a metal speculum, it looked fairly large but he was gentle as he slipped it in. Again puppy felt the cold tingle inside her, followed by a strange opening sensation. He was opening her up and she felt the air between her.

“Now let’s take a look inside, come on you two.”

The vet and students were looking inside puppy, in her most vulnerable area. Her need to escape and run was eased by her Master stroking her hair. Puppy’s breathing was slow and heavy, especially when she heard them talking.

“A lovely healthy pink colour inside.”

“A very fine specimen.”

All checks complete, the vet removed the speculum and turned to Arthur. “I’m happy with what I’ve seen, you may now take her to the recovery room.”

With that puppy was given a blanket and led to a warm room. Biscuits and water in a bowl were provided and Arthur lay beside her, stroking her back and tail. She looked up, nuzzling into him. It wasn’t long before she was ready to go home.

Arthur treated puppy with an extra sausage in her bowl for dinner that night. He could she how she’d changed since her appointment, she was attentive and obedient. By the time Arthur was getting ready for bed he needn’t worry about the chain that kept her in place for she was already in her bed fast asleep.

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    1. Thank you, I am a little unsure about it as it certainly isn’t everyone’s kink. But its part of our dynamic and like you I’ve never seen anything on it before.

    1. Thanks, I don’t really think fiction writing is my strength but I enjoy doing it, also doing it pushes boundaries of what I’m happy to write about ☺

  1. I love alternate world stories. And the way this makes something as sometimes-mundane as a trip to the vet into something odd and hot and seductive… Brilliant.

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