Birthday Genie Roleplay: Rub Me The Right Way

Birthday genie roleplay- littlegem dressed in a blue bikini with rose gold wrist cuffs and gems highlighting her breasts. her arms are up with hands together just above her chest.

Birthday Genie Roleplay

PurpleSole’s birthday was a few days ago and I had kind of dropped the ball a bit. Usually I would have planned to make him a nice meal in the evening and baked a cake. But I hadn’t. It’s not that I forgot his birthday, just forgot to organise myself.

I did admit to him the day before when I realised and my apologies had been accepted.  I still felt bad and wanted to do something special for him. A sexy special something. The idea was suggested to me that I could surprise him with a birthday genie roleplay. Complete with poem for him to recite.

That Night

While PS was getting washed for bed I placed the poem for him to read by his pillow. The idea was he read it out loud to release the genie. I waited for him to enter our bedroom and quickly hid outside our door and put on the finishing touches to my outfit. For me the outfit I wear really gets me into the role. I thought a bikini top and wrist cuffs gave me a genie look. I also placed stick on gems around my breasts and navel.

Birthday Genie Roleplay- a poem to summons the genie is written on gold ink on some paper. Next to it a bottle of lube. They are both pictured by a pillow.I listened for him to read the poem, but nothing. Using my dressing gown to cover my outfit I go back in our room. I was met with PS holding the poem, looking at bit confused and raising an eyebrow at me.

“Read it.” I urged, “And don’t forget to rub your magic lamp.”

We both had a giggle at that.

PS recited the poem and rubbed away, I dropped my dressing gown to the floor and waved my scarves about.

His birthday genie had appeared.

Birthday genie roleplay- littlegem dressed in a blue bikini with rose gold wrist cuffs and gems highlighting her breasts. her arms are up with hands together just above her chest.

“Your wish is my command Master. I will grant you three sexual wishes of your hearts desire.”

“I want you to suck my cock genie.”

Master sank to the sheets and the genie crawled up onto the bed, parting his legs for her to sit between them. She flicked her tongue over his already erect cock and circled its head. Then in one swift movement she took him deep. She heard him grunt his surprise.

She continued to pleasure his cock with her mouth, sucking it in deep into her throat. She looked up at him while he was filling her mouth, knowing he would enjoy the connection.

The heat from his intimate skin and musky smell of him engulfed her as she got into a rhythm. She swirled her tongue along his shaft whilst he was inside her.

“Genie you are very fulfilling indeed, I think I am ready for my second wish.”

The genie slowed her pace and used her hands to caress and cup his balls while she listened.

“I want you to ride my cock, with your arse.”

The genie was slightly taken back by this request, knowing she would have to relax herself in his presence before she could fulfil his second wish.

She reached for the lube and applied some to her fingers. Tentatively she reached around to her tight hole and spread the lube around it. Sitting on top of him in full view she felt shy touching this intimate area in front of him.  Once the lube warmed a little she dipped her finger in. She felt the tight muscles relax slightly and give way to her finger. She probed further

He was watching her, enjoy the fact she was feeling shame at what she was doing. She used her other hand on her clit and felt her body relax into the sensations fully. She tried a second finger in her arse, delving it into the heat her muscles clenched around her fingers. It felt good.

Her body awakened she lifted herself onto her knees, straddling her Master’s body. She applied lube liberally to his hard member and angled him against her wanting anus. His head felt hot against the sensitive skin. Lowering herself down she gasped as her entered her. She could feel herself open up around his hard cock.

Once inside her she manoeuvred herself on his cock, greedily riding him. She loved the feeling of him filling her tight, the satisfaction the up and down motions gave her. What made it even more gratifying was the fact she could hear him enjoying her too. Knowing she was pleasing him with her body.

He had moved her onto her side and entered her from behind, his lips close to her ear as he fucked her arse.

“For my third wish genie, I want you to share with your friend that you enjoyed my cock in your arse.”

My face flushed at his words but my body reacted, my orgasm was building. As he knew it would.

His genie must have had a look of terror as he then taunted her between thrusts, telling her how much he could tell she was enjoying it. Using her actions against her. Her mind joined in, reminding her what she must do when they had finished.

She started to beg to have a release, knowing she wasn’t permitted to have one without his say. He denied her at first, keeping her at the edge for a bit longer. This pushed her further into her space. Her body alive and heightened with the ecstasy she was feeling. He pumped her further until he was ready for his release. Her head in a daze she heard the countdown. At ‘One’ The orgasm came from deep inside her, like a tidal wave consuming her body and washed over her. Leaving her breathless and still.

Then she fulfilled his third wish.


I am hoping that what the birthday genie is wearing counts as lingerie as I really wanted to continue participating in this great meme. Please click below to check out others looking fabulous.

Lingerie is for everyone

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10 Replies to “Birthday Genie Roleplay: Rub Me The Right Way

  1. This sounds like so much fun gem. I am glad that PS enjoyed his genie and his wishes. What a great gift and a very hot description of your encounter ?

    1. Thanks missy, it was certainly a fun experience and did provide a few giggles before the sexy fun started. I will endeavour to be more prepared next year.

  2. The cuffs are beautiful and your story definitely inspirational… sexy birthday pressie’s are always great fun

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