What is the Code? Interrogation Roleplay

What is the code? Littlegem is tied to a bench as the woman of Vaduz, ready for an interrogation

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Vincent Pinfield was a field agent in a government building in Vaduz, Lichtenstein. He had been tipped off that someone would attempt to break in. This building held information important to the British government.

Hearing a noise from upstairs he investigated immediately. Inside the room where the central computer was he saw movement in the shadows, he quickly pursued. There in front of him was a women in a leather skirt with a laptop connected to the computer.

Vincent overpowered her and tied her to a nearby table face down. He then looked at her laptop. A virus set to infiltrate the computer was primed unless demands were met. Knowing that there wasn’t enough time Vincent set about overriding the system, but to do so needed to type in a code. He knew the only way to get the code was to interrogate the mystery woman.

This is where our roleplay starts. Littlegem is tied down and I need to break her within the next 60 minutes.

Vincent was prepared for such eventualities. Downstairs was his case of implements for getting information out of those unwilling to give it. He went to get it, returning also with a cold drink.

“It seems I need a code from you,” he said.

“Ich verstehe nicht.”

“Well 60 minutes is quite a bit of time, you may wish to tell me now to avoid some pain.”

“Ich spreche nur Deutsch.”

Vincent seemed calm and relaxed as he looked over the woman. He knew he was in control of the situation. Taking a lump of ice out of his drink he dropped it onto the womans back under her white shirt. A small shriek escaped her as the cold hit her.

“Don’t like that? It gets a lot worse,” he said as he pressed the ice cube against her, a damp patch appearing on the material from underneath. She squirmed as the cold was forced against her. She screamed when when the ice cold water was poured onto her back, her shirt became transparent.

Vincent knew the clothes would inhibit his actions. It wouldn’t do, taking a knife he drew it along the tights she was wearing, laddering them as he did. He could see her shuddering as the blade pressed against her skin. Only 10 minutes had gone by, Vincent was only just warming up.

“Tell me the code”

“Ich kenne den code nicht!”

It was time to take things up a notch, the woman’s tights were firmly pulled down to her ankles, exposing her bottom. Vincent drew a flogger and struck her. Then again. It sounded like the woman was taunting him, like she wanted more. Undeterred he continues, asking again, “what is the code?”

The women’s bottom was barely pink. The flogger was therefore replaced with a crop. It came down with a loud whack! Many crops followed.

“What is the code?”

“Ich Weiss nicht, wovon du sprich.”

20 minutes had passed, it was clear she was not going to break easy. The crop left red marks on her skin. Vincent stood up, the impact wasn’t working. He walked round the table, unbuttoning the woman’s top, exposing her chest. He could hear her breathing increase as his hand ran over her breasts. Her nipples were hard and sensitive and he knew it. His thumb and finger pressed between a nipple, the woman squealed and writhed. Vincent did it again, loving the power he had over her.

Moving back to his bag he brought out a pair of scissors. He had noticed the woman had beautiful long brown hair, knowing it could be something he could use against her. Picking up the end of her hair he could hear her displeasure.

“This hair of yours is very pretty, it would be a shame if someone was to, cut it.” With that he snipped the scissors, hair fell onto the woman’s back. She didn’t believe he’d do it. Craning her neck suddenly she noticed the wig hair he was holding and that it wasn’t really hers.

“You’re a cunt!” She snapped.

“So you do speak English then,” Vincent smiled, he knew he had got under her skin. A quick look at the clock showed there was 30 minutes left. It was time to get serious with this interrogation. He drew out a cane, striking her on the bottom, causing a sharp squeal from the woman.

“Tell me the code”


The caning continued, gradually increasing in intensity. The marks became very visible on her skin.

“You look very sore, all you need to do is give me the code and all of this will stop.”

“Nein Nein Nein. Ich werde nicht.”

With the impact of all his implements clearly not making her talk he brought out his main weapon to get her to squeal. An electrastim, with 4 pads, two placed on her now raw bottom and two inside her thighs. He started off low, he give her false hope it was going to be easy.

“At any point I may choose to turn this up,” he said increasing the intensity, “without warning.” The woman screamed from the shock of the sudden increase, it had caught her unawares.  

Teasing her he knew he had the control over her. Whenever he wished he ramped up the power, a cry of pain shooting out of her. He may increase just the pads on her bottom, or maybe just the inner thigh. If it was feeling she was need of serious pain he would press both simultaneously. Her cries were getting ever louder and there was now only 20 minutes to go.

Leaning in close to her face he was quiet but direct. “I will break you, if you don’t give me the code I will make it even more intense.”

Her response was sudden and unexpected. She raises her head to face him and spat towards him.

Vincent smirked, “Oh, we can’t have that.” Standing up he took the control of the ElectraStim.

“You will regret doing that.” She knew what was coming, he paused to allow her to tremble. It was only then he increased the power, the muscles began to spasm. She thought that was the worst of it, she was wrong. Vincent pressed his thumb into her muscle, focusing the power into one point. She screamed as though her skin was ripping. It intensified when he pressed the knife against her too.

Vincent was unrepentant, he had to get the information out of her. Using the crop on the soles of her feet, while turning up the wave of stimulation. The pain was becoming great, the woman was grunting continuously. Her breathing was heavy and she clenched against the restraints. One last increase of power was enough. The woman had to give in.

“1234” she blurted, “please stop”. The world was saved, and with 11 minutes left to spare.

This is where the roleplay ended, littlegem was no longer the mystery German speaking woman. She was untied, covered in a blanket and cuddled. We had aftercare and talked about how we enjoyed the scene and making sure each other was okay. Despite all the pain littlegem is eager to do this again, I’ll have to think of some more interesting ways to inflict torture.

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20 Replies to “What is the Code? Interrogation Roleplay

  1. Brilliant post that had me laughing and very impressed with your imagination! Who would have thought the German spy would have given up so easily………………….?

    1. Thank you, yes although I can’t pretend to cut her hair next time (An idea I got from MisterMan). I’ll have to think of something else instead.

  2. Very clever with the wig!! Inventive for sure!! But you created a difficult job for yourself—outdoing yourself or even equaling this will be very difficult!!

    1. Thank you. Yes she would want to do it again. There was a genuine conversation before we had about waterboarding, if I want to ramp things up next time maybe I should reconsider it.

  3. Tough lady spies and soldiers are always favourite characters of mine in movies and stories… and haircutting…that would have had me responding in a similar way, although it regularly turns up in fantasies of mine… I really enjoyed this scene and hope you got a lot from playing it out x

  4. The cutting of the wig would have definitely elicited the same reaction from me! I was hooked from start to finish and kudos to LittleGem for holding out so long, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to!! x

    1. Thank you, I didn’t know how long she’d last either. I read your kind words about our preparation. You have no idea how excited I was since it was the first time my writing had made a round-up. I know it was jointly written but its my name on the post and that a win ☺

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