Interrogation Preparation

Interrogation: littlegem prepares for interrogation by laying face down on a table

It’s been about a year since we started being D/s full time. Over this time we have explored many of our kinks and fantasies. There are some however that I have held back on, either for fear of doing it wrong, safety concerns or simply not having the confidence. The following ticks all 3 of those boxes so has been a long time coming.


An interrogation scene where littlegem is pushed to her pain limits until she uses a safeword. As much as having this power over her excites me I am also aware of how dangerous it could be. I’ve never played with the intention of making her say her safeword.

For me the main thing that draws me to consensual, non consensual play and an interrogation in particular is that I want PurpleSole to take full control of me. The main word being take. With my submission it is really given to PS, of course we have rules and things that he wants me to follow and he does have control but the idea of it forcefully being taken, just turns me on. That might make me weird, but I don’t particularly care.

I also do enjoy pain. Yes plain and pleasure together are a major turn on, but pain alone gets me going as well. This is not something we have played around with too much, as PS has said above it really was out of his comfort zone. That was fine with me, I would rather not do it if PS was not into it at all. If something is a hard limit then it is a no go and that can be a Doms hard limit too.

Creating the Right Rules

As with most types of play we discussed the rules of what we did (and didn’t) want from the interrogation. For me it was more crucial than ever to get gem to say what it was that she would want out of the scene. After all I can give her pain, but it won’t necessarily be enjoyable. So a list of rules was made:

– No play that hasn’t previously been done before

Which is fair enough, we both want to know that we are comfortable with what is going on. Unfortunately this meant I couldn’t use the clover clamps we’d acquired recently. But I had full opportunity to use the Electrastim.

– No blindfolds / hoods

Gem isn’t a fan of not being able to see and would feel to claustrophobic in a hood.

– No gags

Our ball gag is used as a punishment because gem hates it so much. But crucially I need to hear her if she is to use a safeword, so this is mainly a safety concern.

– No penetration

Even though the nature of the play is Con Non Con I thought it best to ask about this. Rape play isn’t what we wanted for this scene. Gem went as far to say that if my cock went near her mouth while she was in character she may try to bite it off.

– No tickling

Littlegem is super ticklish and knows that I would have used it to my advantage if she hasn’t ruled it out. It felt odd knowing that tickling was not allowed but I could if I wanted ‘beat the crap out of her’, all within the safe, sane and consensual reasoning.

“Is that it?” I asked. I wanted to be sure since there was no limit on impact play. There was a lot of scope for play, so I got thinking about what I could use.

I find it difficult to think what rules would be used correctly for the interrogation scene. My first thought always is that everything is okay, but really PS wants me to think a bit deeper. After all the rules are there to make the play enjoyable for us both, PS would not be happy if he did something that I really didn’t want. I have a responsibility for myself and to voice what I do and don’t like, if I don’t it could ruin the scene.   


Safety was always going to be my biggest priority. I know gem enjoys knife play, something I am cautious of. Before play I familiarise myself again with the safer places to use a blade on her skin, even though I have no intentions of breaking the skin.

A time limit has been set for this play as I was worried that it would just have to get progressively more violent to crack gem, pushing me over my limit. We set an hour as the stop point, if gem hasn’t used her safeword previously.

I am also aware that aftercare will need to be provided immediately. Therefore a drink and blanket will be on standby. Of course a cuddle is the best thing I can give her.

The Interrogation Roleplay

The interrogation is to be done as a spy roleplay. It makes for a more fun session and helps to get in the right mindset. So as usual before a roleplay I came up with a story to provide some background.

‘Following intelligence from GCHQ Vincent Pinfield has been investigating a break-in at a British owned government building in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The building has a central computer which holds sensitive data. Within it he finds a woman with a USB connected into the system. Having restrained her, he finds out she has uploaded a virus to delete all the data on the central computer unless a ransom is paid. The only way to stop it is a code, Vincent must therefore get the code out of this mystery woman from an interrogation, who appears only to speak German.’

This is the message that gem received. I make sure to send them a few days in advance so that she also had time to prepare herself.

I liked the thought of gem being a foreign spy that I would have to break. She does speak a little German and it’s really sexy when she does. Part of my worries during the scene was that gem could say ‘stop’ or similar. Something that isn’t a safeword but sounds like it. By having her speak German I know it’s not a safeword, in fact I wouldn’t have a clue what she’s saying.

When I received the message from PS I was very excited, we have talked for a while about this kind of roleplay and I really wasn’t expecting PS to be comfortable enough to do it. I loved the idea of being a spy who only spoke German. Maybe it is all the spy films but the idea sounded sexy to me. My German isn’t fluent though, far from it. I was a bit worried that in the moment I would forget all of it and be rendered speechless. In roleplays we have done previously I managed to forget the name I had made up for my character, the one and only piece of information I had thought of prior. How was I ever going to remember enough German to get by.  

As part of my research into the scene I practised some rope work.  Gem needed to be in a set position for an hour and I only want the pain to be inflicted by myself, not from discomfort. This could be distracting and ruin her experience. It was important to have her bottom exposed, as it’s the fleshiest part of the body and can safely take impact. She also needed to be restrained in a way that escape felt impossible. Cuffs such as the ones I use to tie her to bed at night plus another set made sure her ankles and wrists were securely in place.

Setting the Right Tone

This sort of play pushed my own boundaries because I worry I’d feel required to become someone I’m not. I need to find a way of being able to check on her during play, while remaining in a character that has control. My way around this was to pause play and ask “what is the code?” This would give gem the chance to halt play with a safeword, or allow it to continue.

As for my character, Vincent, he is not aggressive. He can use his words and his actions to manipulate. Any impact play can be done without causing real harm. However I don’t want this to be the sort of play that ends the scene as hitting her until she says her safeword is not something I’m personally comfortable with currently.

Getting Prepared for Play

With all this in mind we get ready to play. Littlegem takes herself upstairs to get dressed.

This is going to sound awful but I hadn’t planned anything to wear. I do feel a bit guilty that PS goes to a lot of effort planning everything out and I just turn up on the night, so to speak. My main reason for this is I would end up changing my mind and waste a bunch of time choosing and I really hate waste. It works best for me to go with the outfit I feel sexy in on the night. I decided to wear my black leather-look skirt and a white shirt open to just below my bra. I did put on some knickers (I hadn’t been wearing any all day) and an old pair of footless tights. I was feeling in a naughty mood and wanted to make it difficult for PS, knowing he would probably use impact or Electrastim and want access to my bum. I wasn’t going to make it easy.  

I am not changed, not yet. Littlegem is cuffed and tied down to the table face down. During this time we are still talking to each other making sure we are both okay. We go through final checks, making sure she is comfortable and that we both know the rules and safewords, something we’ll regularly do before play. I get a pair of ear defenders and put them on gem, telling her before “when I take these off the play will begin”.

While she gets herself in the right mindset I get dressed up behind her, suit trousers, shirt, tie. This means I haven’t left the room while she is bound. I get my objects ready so she can’t see. A mirror in front of her so she can watch herself and a timer so we both know how long we have until the hour is over.

So with multiple impact implements, a knife, an electrastim, extra rope, and a couple of extra surprises I’m ready to play. Vincent removes the ear defenders and the interrogation scene begins.

To find out what happened next read What is the Code?

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13 Replies to “Interrogation Preparation

  1. Wow this is such a detailed and thorough account of the preparations. I love the effort that went into it and I hope that we get to hear about how the scene itself went. Do you think it is something that you would do again? missy x

    1. Thank you, yes absolutely would. I think it can be easy to build up something in your head because of all the things I need to think about.

  2. The care and thought which goes into a scene which is going to involve a lot of pain is really very touching – especially the two hand telling but I, too, need to know what actually happen and did you break?

  3. I absolutely love how much planning you do, all the things you take into account and how much care you have for each other. Thanks for telling everything in so much detail!

    Rebel xox

  4. I love the detail that was put into the scene and hearing both POVs. Looking forward to reading the next instalment 🙂

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