Speculum Play- An Internal Inspection

Speculum play- PurpleSole is framed by littlegems legs. He is wearing a white inspection coat with a torch in his hand.

Saturday Night

This is usually inspection night for me. We haven’t done one for a few weeks due to being away at Eroticon and me not feeling well, I wasn’t certain if it was going to happen or not tonight. I try and resist asking PurpleSole if play is going to happen, he is my Dominant and is ultimately in control or what we do and when we do it. I view it as me disrespecting him, not trusting that he has thought of everything if I keep badgering him about it. That said we had finished eating our alone dinner (we take a couple of nights a week to eat by ourselves after the kids are in bed) and I found myself waiting for PS to give play the green light.

I am terrible at waiting, I want to know everything and right now. Stopping, I remember my submissive self and push my impatience down. Well not very far down. Whilst chatting I find myself  playfully nuzzling my face under PS’s top, then stopping and looking up at him. Trying to provoke a reaction. He is laying on the floor claiming he is too full to move currently. Undeterred I carry on my curious nudging in the direction of his zipper.

“Argh, you’re squishing my stomach.”

Pouting I give up and go to sit on the sofa, ‘fine, I guess I have my answer,’ I reason with myself and get my phone out to occupy my hands. PS slumps on the sofa next to me and continues with our conversation.

“Inspection will start at 9, you have 15 minutes of free time until then.”

Inspection Position

Removing my clothing, I stood in the middle of the room, legs apart and arms up behind my neck. Following my directions, I take up my position facing away from PS. I feel PS remove my day collar and replace it with my thicker leather play collar. I then hear the familiar sound of the latex gloves being put on and feel PS body heat close behind me.

My skin prickles as his hands begin their inspection over my body. The sensation suddenly makes me very aware of my nakedness and the revealing position I am in.

“Small amount of hairs on armpits.” PS said in a critical tone.

‘Shit,’ the realisation that I had forgotten to make sure I was prepared sunk over me, the few week gap had caused me to be remiss. This wasn’t necessary a fail but I hate that my body wasn’t as he wanted it to be. His hands continued their journey over my skin, the sensations quickly making me forget my mistake.

“Kneel for me please,”

I bend to my knees and bring my arms behind my back, crossed at the wrists. I keep my eyes cast down, avoiding PS vision as he sweeps the hair out of my face. He opens my mouth and uses a torch to look inside, feeling with his fingers around my tongue and gums. This makes me feel very much like an animal at the vets. A humiliating feeling I very much enjoy.

“Very good, you can close your mouth.”

A tinge of disappointment come over me that I wasn’t asked to test my oral skills this time, but it is entirely up to PS what will happen in the inspection.

“Table position.”

I shift my position forward so my weight is on my hands and knees. PS takes his time feeling down my sides, his hands brushing against the sides of my breasts as he does so. I always have to resist the urge to look down at my body in this position, the thought of my stomach hanging down always makes me feel embarrassed. But I continue to keep my head forward and get pulled once again out of my head as PS hands make their way down my thighs.

“Sex doll position please.”

Speculum play- PurpleSole is framed by littlegems legs. He is wearing a white inspection coat with a torch in his hand.This is the position I feel most uncomfortable in, I mean the name alone is just awful. It is also the position that usually is the most fun. I lay on my back, arms up besides my head and my legs bent so my feet are on the floor. Then I open my legs. PS sits on the floor between them, I initially squirm at the uncomfortable thoughts of being so exposed, so open.

“Very good girl, just a bit wider.”

He gently pushes my legs further apart, I take a deep breath and let them flop to the sides. I feel his fingers moving my lips apart, my face heats at what he must be seeing. He continues his inspection of my intimate self, caressing and stroking me as he goes.

“I am going to do a more thorough internal inspection today, are you happy to continue?”

My eyes widen on hearing this and nervously I look at the plastic speculum that he purchased a few weeks back and we are yet to use. I hadn’t realised that PS had it lined up to use in a inspection, let alone tonight. It wasn’t really for consent that PS asked if I wanted to continue, it is something that we had talked about before so he knew I was up for trying it at some point. It was more for the reaction, hearing such clinical words really gets me going.

“Yes Master.”

My natural curiosity takes over, that and the aching in my clit makes me overcome my nerves. I first feel the big blob of cold lube being applied, I can feel PS’s fingers spreading it out in a circular motion, some trickles down awakening my desires to be touched elsewhere.


I make eye contact with PS and nod slightly. Although our inspections are usually high protocol (so I must make no eye contact, only speak once spoken to etc) I am aware I won’t be punished for breaking the rules. We are trying something new, I know PS would want me to communicate more to put his mind at ease, so he knows if I am enjoying it or not. There is always the possibility with new toys that they could not work with my body or pleasure.

Internal Inspection

Speculum Play- a picture of a clear plastic speculum opened up wide on a red background.

I am surprised at how little I could feel the speculum when it was eased in, a slight pressure and coldness to it but not what I was expecting at all. Then slowly I could feel the pressure increase as PS turned the little screw and it opened up. Opening me up.

“You’re very open, but the speculum can go a little wider. Are you ok to continue?”

I flushed at the thought of PS being able to see straight inside me, what must I look like in this position. An internal struggle with arousal and humiliation. Shyly I nodded and gave a little coy smile.

I felt very wide, so much so I swear I could feel a breeze going down there. I wanted to twist away, to close my legs, hide myself. He continued twisting the little screw on the speculum, I could feel the pressure inside increase as the speculum opened me up.

“Very good girl, you’re now completely opened up.”

His words melted my struggles, fully awoken I was his and knew I wanted to further this experience as much as possible. I felt his fingers suddenly rub inside, not knowing they had entered as there was no lips to cause a resistance because of the speculum. His touch felt so sensitive to me, making me jolt slightly.

“I’m going to have a good look inside now.”

I saw a light flicker at me suddenly, PS was using his torch again. A groan escaped my lips at this realisation, there was nowhere to hide and my body was very much enjoying this.

PS carried on the inspection as usual when he was finished getting the full effect from the speculum. I think it certainly added to the scene and hope to use it again soon. For me it wasn’t so much the sensation which was enjoyable but the fact that using it made me squirm inside imagining what I must look like.

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26 Replies to “Speculum Play- An Internal Inspection

  1. I find speculums fascinating and absolutely want one, mostly because I like things and they look freaky. BUT I now want one for inspection purposes, apparently, this taps into what remains of my subby interests! Who knew, lol. I’ll have to ask Bakji nicely if wants to be a body inspector for a day :p Fab post x

    1. They do look odd and not a likely part of play but I think that’s the appeal for me too. We got ours pretty cheap off amazon so no harm in giving it a go!

  2. Wow – that was a hot read and all the more knowing it is true. I don’t really get examined – I do get shaved though. That involves him inspecting all around my cunt and anus – – I am used to it now.
    I hate having smears so prob would not like the use of a speculum though…

  3. This sounds amazing but I hate those things, mainly because they hurt me physically. My ob/gyn learned once when I said to get it out I meant it as my next move snapped the plastic speculum and shot it out of me.. he also learned that my kegel strength and control were pretty damned good that day.

    1. Not good if they hurt you. I think things can sound fun without you actually wanting to do them, not everything works for everyone’s body.

    1. Lol PS put an edit on the photo to make it that colour, he isan’t naturally creepy. You should give it a go, I didn’t think it would work for me but I really enjoyed.

  4. Very interesting. I can see the curiosity of it and the feeling of humiliation and struggle of being seen. Thank you for sharing!! xx

  5. Wow that was such a turn on to read. I have to admit you have me bending a little on the idea of specula being a hard limit! Great post gem xx

    1. I didn’t realise when we were chatting tonight that it was a hard limit for you! I think reading things can sometimes perk an interest in something new.

  6. I definitely recognize that feeling of wanting to be patient and wait for the word on whatever he wants but also feeling a little impatient and forgotten when he doesn’t say something or do it when I expect him too.

    It’s been a long time since we did inspections and never with the speculum. That was very interesting (and sexy, lol) to read.

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