Gel Nail Art

littlegem's hand on her fishnet stocking covered leg, her nails are painted in a tartan purple pattern

I don’t really have many things I would class as a hobby, does sex count? I used to spend hours painting designs on my nails only to have them chip 3 days later. That stopped when I had my first child though. I sort of put myself aside and concentrated on being a mum. That, time restraints and the amount I washed my hands and clean things meant my nails suffered.

When PurpleSole was writing my scheduleย I asked if nail care could be added, in attempt to make myself have some time to look after them again. This has worked really well and I now have less cracked hands and reasonable length nails. I have also regained my love of being creative and painting stuff on my nails.

In attempt to save time and make the designs last longer I have purchased a kit to do gel nails at home. I also bought a liquid that you can add to regular nail polish to turn them into gel nail polish. That way my vast collection wasn’t wasted, plus didn’t need to buy lots of new ones yay!

A close up picture of littlegem's nails that have been painted in a red, blue and purple tartan pattern.
My first attempt with using gel nail polish- purple tartan pattern.



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33 Replies to “Gel Nail Art

    1. I love them!
      I also love to do my nails. I’m trying to figure out how to do polka dots right now. Just bought the tools and black and white polish. But it’s going to take some practice, I think.

      1. I used to use one of those round plastic headed sewing pins for dots. Do skight dot to start off with as you can always add more. Xx

  1. When I first became a Mum I was determined to maintain at least a pared down version of ‘me’ – NOT turn into the track-suited, hair in a ponytail, no make-up mum-robots I used to see pushing prams or holding toddlers on reins. It’s not easy, but once you can get into a routine you can ‘ringfence’ some time to look after yourself (as you’ve done) and it is definitely an important part of self care. I also think it shows you love your partner to keep yourself more like the person they fell in love with – by that I mean if your only priorities were childcare then you’ve squeezed care of them off the list too!
    Your nails look fabulous, and I am sure they makes you feel glamorous and attractive inside and out. I believe having a pride in aspects of your appearance is part of being a good role model for your children as well.
    On a sexy side, my OH and I both love the look and feel of my delicate, smooth hands touching and stroking him, adorned with nail polish on shaped nails.

    1. Very true Posy, I think it is very important to keep self care for all the reasons you state. It just took me some time to realise that doing things for me didn’t make me a bad mum! Yes soft hands are so much nicer to touch PS with, even with lube added he still must have had a bit of a course stroking sometimes!

  2. Beautiful and skilled nails get, and your image is very sexy, paired with the fishnets. The nature of my job almost negates having pretty nails but when I do get them done I love how they look and feel. They remind me Iโ€™m not just a mum and my job, Iโ€™m someone who needs time for me too, thank you for reminding me of that x

  3. It’s amazing the things we put aside and forget. I love the colours you’ve chosen for your nails and more importantly that you recognised it was something you’d forgotten that was worth not discarding.

  4. I think you are SO talented to be able to do this yourself. I tend to my nails too, much better than I did in the past, but I always have to go to the nail studio, as I just can’t do this myself. Love your nails!

    Rebel xox

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