Get Your Rock Off

The weather is lovely and PurpleSole has some time off work, time to explore the countryside. PS usually chooses my knickers every morning as part of our rituals and this morning he choose none. I was also informed that I was to wear easily removable closes and no bra. I decided to wear some fish net stockings and PS was agreeable.

The walk we went on was quite rough ground, it was an odd feeling having to lift my legs up the steep inclines knowing that the tops of my stockings would be visible under my dress. Although the air was fairly warm, there was a slight breeze which kept reminding me of my nudity under my clothes.

PS found a few areas that had good view points to take photos, one of my favourites was this rock in the middle of a dip in the woods. I left PS and the kids on the other side and climbed up. We had come up with some hand signals to say when the coast was clear to lower my top.

littlegem standing on a large rock in the woods. A tree in the foreground is covering her face but her breasts are exposed above her top.

It is quite a busy area and what we hadn’t accounted for was whilst I was in the rush of exposing myself and PS was looking down the camera, no one was checking for dog walkers. Not certain if they got a peek, they certainly didn’t say anything if they did!

It was quite exhilarating to do and we did take a few more photos in other areas of the heath lands.

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