36 Replies to “Through The Back Door

  1. I love the fact that you are becoming more revealing with you pictures each week. You seem to comfortable and relaxed which makes for a beautiful shot. missy x

  2. You have a very beautiful bottom. I love both the images but I think the glow ones had a real wow factor but I also love the shape of your bottom in this and those little creases where it meets the top of your thighs are very sexy


  3. there’s something so tender and fleeting about this shot … as if you’re just a vision, about to disappear through the gate … as the old saying goes: β€œI’d hate to see you go, but I’d love to watch you leave.”

  4. I love both sets!! The glow sticks looks like you were totally relaxed and enjoying yourself.

  5. You have a beautiful bottom. This is a fabulous photo, as KP says, it makes me want to reach out to touch you. xx

  6. Beautiful sexy shot and a wonderful arse! I love the tension and ambiguity of whether you are you stepping outside the security of the gate to expose yourself, or are already there and stepping back inside to conceal yourself.

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