An Ode To My Menstrual Cup

Periods Past

I recently had a big reminder of how annoying I used to find my periods.

A few questionable decisions on my part a couple of weeks ago left me with a stubborn case of cystitis. This is something I am well versed with, well I was in my late teens. For a few years I would have recurrences every few weeks until I took action with every measure possible to avoid it. Eventually the recurrences got more and more infrequent until it had been around 4 years since I had it. I wrote recently of how we have experienced another drop in our D/s, a big factor for me was being reminded of how low and shit cystitis made me feel.

Anyway I digress. The point is that I couldn’t use my now usual sanitary product, a menstrual cup, as it was too painful down there to insert anything. So I had to use sanitary towels. I forgot how inconvenient the blasted things are and how much I hated them! It’s not just the look, smell and feel of them (if that wasn’t enough), they are just so crap at doing their actual job. I was kneeling at the foot of the bed as part of our ritual, got up and saw the concerned look on PurpleSole’s face,

“Are you ok? Have you cut your leg open?!”

I look down to see blood all over my thighs, legs and dressing gown. Great. The useless pad had decided kneeling wasn’t a position it wanted to protect me in and somehow managed to create quite the horror scene. I really wasn’t kneeling for that long.

Three days I put up with it until I decided I was fine enough to use my cup again. I absolutely love my menstrual cup. It has completely changed periods for me. My cycle tends to start with a rush of blood then nothing for a couple of days before full flow. Tampons really are no use for this as it’s unlikely I would time putting it in to get the initial flow and then its way to light to use them for the next couple of days until it hits its peak. So every month I would have to use a combination of pads and tampons depending on where about in my cycle I was. With the cup none of this is an issue, it’s body safe silicone so can be put in before your period starts. It doesn’t take any natural goodness away from your vagina as it doesn’t absorb like a tampon. So light, heavy or not sure when you will start, it has your back.

Night Time Use

Night was another time when I had to use a towel, a series of them to form a makeshift boat to try and avoid a bloody bed. I must move around a lot in my sleep? I sleep too long and was unwilling to get up in the night so never attempted tampons. With the cup I don’t have these issues, once it’s in it forms a seal so movement, lying down etc has no negative effects. You can also keep it in for 12 hours at a time, not even I could sleep that long. I insert it in the morning and forget about it until evening, minus the cramps I pretty much can forget I am even on my period. I think it might be a case of out of sight, out of mind, but I swear the cramps aren’t as bad with it in either. I will point out I have long, but not extremely heavy periods so have never had to empty during the day, obviously other people might.   

The menstrual cup did take a couple of cycles to get used to inserting it correctly. This did mean a couple of leaks to start off with, but this happened for me with other sanitary products on a monthly basis. I was happy to put up with a minor issue before I learnt how to insert it correctly, or more accurately stop putting it up so far. A basic anatomy lesson was in order to realise this.

Periods Future

I feel sexy still when I am on my period. I can take my clothes off and PS would have no idea my insides where threatening to come out. The only way you can see the cup on the outside is if you open your legs wide and look really closely, I mean if someone is in that closer view of my vagina then they aren’t going to mind seeing a little pink tip of my menstrual cup. This means we can still take nude photos, have nude fun together, whatever nude activities that take our fancy. The only drawback is that penetration would not be possible, well not in the vagina anyway. I think you can buy a menstrual cup that looks more like a contraceptive dam so you can still have sex, I am very happy just sticking with anal during my period. Or non penetrative sexual activities…   

Menstrual cup- in the background is a blurred image of littlegem's waist and upper thighs, nude. In the foreground is a pink menstrual cup sitting inside a shot glass of glittery water.
Look no leaks! …Yes I did think putting glitter in the water would jazz up the photo a bit. No I did not think about clean up.

I will also point out that a menstrual cup is so much better for the environment, one cup can be used for around 10 to 15 years (might start to look a bit grim by this point). That’s saving lots of money and trees plants. Or whatever they make sanitary products out of?!


Menstruation Matters

11 Replies to “An Ode To My Menstrual Cup

  1. This is really interesting gem. I have never tried a menstrual cup but you have made me wonder if I will give it a go. missy x

    1. I certainly wish I had used one years ago. To be honest they are pretty cheap on amazon, if it doesn’t work out then nothing lost. 🙂

  2. I LOVE my menstrual cup! It has changed my life. And it is amazing how sexy I can feel now that I’m not “dirty”! I try to convince everyone I know (those that are able) to switch. ?

  3. This is the second piece I’ve read on a menstrual cup (LSB wrote one) and now I’m convinced to try. Being perimenopausal I have much more uncertainty about when I’ll come on and how much flow I’ll need to cope with (sometimes a lot) and this method seems to tick all the boxes.
    I hate feeling like I’m going to get ‘caught out’ for 1 week in every 4, so I shall get onto Amazon and order one ASAP! Thanks for sharing hun xx

    1. I’m glad I’ve convinced someone! There are quite a few to choose from, I personally was looking more at fun colours but that might just be me. Xx

  4. I did buy one before my hysterectomy made it unnecessary but unfortunately in my case I found if I had to pee or poop ☺️ then the darn thing would eject itself. But I also had the same issue with tampons. I wanted so badly for them to be a viable option for me as I loved the environmentally friendly aspect as well as the overall concept.

    1. They aren’t for everyone, but always worth giving things a go. Yeah I can’t remember the statistic but the amount of sanitary products the average woman goes through in a lifetime was quite high so this does seem much friendlier for the environment.

  5. I have been toying with the idea of a cup my only issue is not being able to clean it after emptying it and before reinserting it whilst I’m at work.

    I think I’ll definitely give one a go now though after reading this, just to see if it’ll work for me. Now I just need to get recommendations for which make to get!

    1. You can buy wipes that are flushable (or atleast able to go in sanitary bin) to clean it and to be honest once you tip the blood out there isan’t much left behind.

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