30 Day Orgasms, Week 1

littlegem on her side with flowers painted in wax up her nude body

Before April started we were both feeling a bit rubbish, mainly down to illness but there was also a feeling that we had lost our way. We had lost part of our connection. Some of the rituals we had in place we couldn’t or wouldn’t do. Overall the dynamic wasn’t where it should be. I felt my dominance was lacking. I wasn’t giving gem the control and direction she needed.

So it was suggested that we took part in the 30 day orgasm challenge to create some well being between us. I needed it, to feel better about myself. I begin to notice things such as not looking after myself as much. Sometimes you just need a push in the right direction to get things back on course. The following is the events of the first week..

Day 1:

For the first night we played a game of roulette. Each of the numbers was indicative of a type of play and was a fun way to kick us off. Plus it would give us ideas if we needed them. What came of it was that I would use a knife on various parts of littlegem’s body. Gently scratching the surface, whilst she masturbated. As for me I was to come on gem’s face, which turned out to be more tricky than I imagined. The lack of play and the slow build up meant that when the time arrived it shot powerfully over gem’s face, landing a fair distance from target. Luckily we had planned for such events and had a our sex blanket down. Both of us got the enjoyment we needed.

Day 2:

The following morning we had a bit of time before the alarm went off to begin another day. So we had sex, experimenting with my voice as a trigger for orgasm. Within our dynamic gem is to orgasm on my command via a countdown, but it’s not typical for that to cause an orgasm. Penetration alone generally doesn’t do it either, but the combination of both does produce an orgasm. Not as good as a clitoral one as gem proceeds to show me. Finally I climax too.

Day 3:

Another morning, another chance to play again. Gem has been keen to provide more autonomous sexual service into our dynamic. With that I receive a nice blowjob before breakfast. She manages to time it so that I come at the same time as the alarm to get up.

That evening we play with the ElectraStim. We are still getting the hang of using it and although we had a couple of attachments we settled for using the pads. Gem makes a lot of squealing noises as we try the various functions, a lot of fun for me being in control. In the end a strong wave setting plus a bit of self touching is enough to push her over the edge.

30 day orgasm- A black and white image of littlegem's nude bottom with electrostim pads on her bottom and inner thighs.

Day 4:

In the morning I was given a hand job, one with plenty of lube. It’s a relaxing way to wake up. Four orgasms in as many days is more than usual and its making me feel different. I’m talking negative rather than positive. I still don’t quite understand myself, but there is a low feeling post orgasm that can be hard to shift. I’ve touched on this before, for the rest of the morning I feel in my head. I therefore ask gem to continue to provide pleasure but without a finish.

Whilst at work I send gem a message. I tell her she is to orgasm, any way she likes. This is unusual, as you can read here she makes the most of it and helps herself to a few orgasms.

In the evening we chat on the Safeword Club about double penetration. Afterwards we watch some related porn and gem is feeling frisky again. We 69 and she has a strong orgasm, I can tell because my head is clamped by her legs as I press my hand down on the back of her head. I have to tell gem to stop giving me a blowjob, which is very difficult to do.

Day 5:

We wake up late, so no play in the morning. I feel more refreshed than usual, maybe it’s the extra sleep, maybe it’s the lack of orgasm or possibly because it’s a because Friday. I simply don’t know.

During the day I messaged gem about an idea. It was to use the candle wax to make a picture, in this case a garden for the Sinful Sunday prompt. We gave it a go and this is what came of it.

30 day orgasm- littlegem is nude and reclined so you can see from her thigh up to her breasts. Painted all along the side of her body are flowers and greenery in wax.

I’m the end we didn’t use it. Trouble with wax is that it can get very messy. Gem needed a bath as we had also played with some glow sticks, which we used for Sinful Sunday instead.

All this play completed without an orgasm for the day and it was beginning to get quite late. So we decided to have sex just to get that ‘o’. Turns out when we force things like that it just doesn’t work. We didn’t have sex in the end, we were tired. I don’t want to feel like our play is being done for the sake of it. We accept that there will be no orgasms today, we cuddle, then fall asleep.

Day 6:

We wake up in a much better mood and have sex like we should do. Even despite the stirring of our children we both orgasm and are happy. It is a Saturday after all.

Turns out the unhappiness of our youngest was to stay for most of the day. It can be draining when you feel like there is nothing you can do to soothe an unhappy child. After they have gone to bed mummy and daddy have a naughty meal full of bacon and cheese. We have also bought a 12 pack of doughnuts which should just last the weekend.

Saturday night is inspection night, usually this is weekly but it’s been 4 weeks since we’ve done one. It’s also the first high protocol play for some time too. Gem is instructed into many positions and I go over her with a fine tooth comb. We also use a speculum that has been raring to go in our cupboard. There is also time for play including: fisting, a large glass dildo, a butt plug, some anal sex and a wand. Gem adds 5 orgasms into her tally, I stay where I am.

Day 7:

Sunday is a day of reflection. We talk about our dynamic, say how we feel and discuss the direction we want to go in. Gem is very much of the persuasion that many orgasms have been good for her, and why not? She had slept well after the night previous, even if she is a little sore.

Sunday night is a SafeworD/s Club chat night. We sit down in our pyjamas and chat about all sorts of different things. Afterwards I consider play, but given the events of Friday night we decide together not to, it’s time for another cuddle and sleep.

Week 1 Orgasm Count:

PurpleSole: 5
Littlegem: 14

The biggest takeaway from this week has been that orgasms aren’t what ultimately make each of us happy. Its having the intimacy between us and sharing that connection. I feel that we still have a way to go before being back on track but this week has certainly helped.

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7 Replies to “30 Day Orgasms, Week 1

  1. Orgasms definitely make me happy. I get grumpy and resentful without them but I know for some people waiting is the bit that makes them feel alert and focused. I guess like all things…it is horses for courses


    1. I understand that, I think my views have changed as I definitely had a lot more orgasms before than I do now. But I’m much happier than I was as well.

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