40 Minutes In The Mirror

Mirror- littlegem using a mirror to look at herself whilst masturbating with a wand
I’m on my back with the mirror propped against my wide spread legs, knowing this would achieve the best angle. This is not the first time I have used a mirror whilst playing with myself, a guilty pleasure. Wand in hand I gentle tease around my lips, I want to build up the sensations. This is a rare opportunity and I want to make the most of it. I’m already wet, I have been since receiving the message. Counting down the time until I had my perfect window of opportunity.

I stare intently at myself in the mirror, not my face, this isn’t in view. Firstly at my breasts, the pleasing roundness of them at this angle. I circle the wand around my nipple, awakening it to full attention. Then the other side, the vibrations caressing my sensitive areola. I try turning the wand up a little and pressing it against my nipple, tickling at first the pleasure then deepens and radiates out around my breasts.

My eyes move, the wand following my gaze down my body once more, finding the top of my mound. I trace the wand around, avoiding my clit and press it against my vulva. My anticipation growing I turn the wand up again. I enjoy the vibrations, I try to bury the wand further inside but my opening is restricted. With my other hand I pinch my nipples a little in between my fingers whilst cupping my breast. I notice pinpricks of liquid appear at the surface. My nipple tingling as they disperse.

The teasing has become too much, I need more. I turn the wand back down and move it to my clit. I can see my lips clench in the mirror as the vibrations set to work. In circular motions the wand manipulates my clit, I can see it blush as the sensations engorge it. I keep working it round, as I become two people. The first is greedy for a release, I can almost feel her pushing herself over the edge. The second takes pauses, edging her, keeping the pleasure building. The internal torment is continued as they battle out who is going to take charge. I force myself out of my head and look into the mirror, my body shudders and convulses as I witness my orgasm.

You think I would stop there, but I have gotten greedy, wanton. Master does not grant me the opportunity to masturbate alone often. I can see why…

I allow myself some time for composure, a few minutes for the sensitivity to die down. I take this time to study myself further in the mirror. Thankful that I had put down the sex blanket, I realise the intensity of the orgasm had caused me to squirt. Remaining droplets evident on the backs of my legs and bum. I turn the wands attention back to my clit and flick it back on, arching my back as it fights the sudden waves. Stroking the wand up and down in between my legs, I grow accustomed again to the sensation. Then I up the wand’s speed, knowing I will need more to achieve my goal this time. I rub the head of the wand deep against my aching clit. Again I become two people, the first squirming away from the wand, twisting my body to resist. The second pressing it deeper, finding the most intense spot. With one hand I turn the wand higher, the other springs out and grabs the material of a cushion beside me, grasping it in my fist. My back arches and my legs press together, pinning the wand in as the second orgasm is ripped out of me.

Panting to catch my breath I then continue, possessed to keep on coming. I move my hips to bury my bum deep into the sofa, the wand following against my clit. I turn it up further and rock my hips against the head. My body an explosion of constant bliss, the waves bouncing around deep inside. They peek again and I squirt out another orgasm, I can feel the warm liquid around my legs and bum. But I don’t care, every part of my body is alight in a heightened state. My arousal caught at a constant peak. I clasp my legs around the wand’s head and my whole body trembles and convulses as the fourth and final orgasm takes hold of me.

I flop back against the sofa, an exhausted happy mess in the mirror.   


Masturbation Monday

30 Replies to “40 Minutes In The Mirror

        1. Well I guess I felt sort of guilty as I had been permitted to orgasm but possibly not the amount of times that I allowed myself to. So in my eyes I was sort of having too much fun. When I told PS he was happy with it though, so all is well. 🙂

  1. Wow – so much envy for this experience. I have never pushed myself to have more than 2 orgasms in 1 session, I’m not sure I’ve ever squirted, I have tried to use a mirror but forget to keep looking! My eyes roll everywhere! I love your descriptions, your honesty and you had me right there with you despite my own lack of knowledge of these experiences – thank you for sharing! (lovely pic also)

    1. Thank you, I’m glad it reads how I intended. I was worried it seems a bit over indulgent in myself, especially the use of the mirror. That is something I’ve only shared recently with PS as I was embarrassed about liking it.

  2. Wow. You missed some key details out when you told me about this before lol! This sounds really hot and it is not anything I have ever done. I realise that I am quite reserved when masturbating which might be something I need to address. I would love to be as comfortable and confident about it as you are. missy xx

    1. *Hides face* I may have omitted a few details… Thank you missy, yes I think I am possibly too comfortable with masterbation, hense removing it as an option is so effective for me. Xx

    1. I love the depth of your detail, I’ve never tried masturbating it using toys in front of a mirror but you’ve certainly inspired me!

  3. I love a good wand but have never watched myself before…and I too get quite greedy for the pleasure it provides.

    Also, this is a GORGEOUS picture, and I’d love it if you’d submit this (and any other image you’ve posted on the blog) as a future Masturbation Monday prompt (link on the site).

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me who gets greedy, I think as it’s so intense it draws you in for more.

      Wow thank you, I would quite like that I think. I will talk to PS and see if he wants to submit it.

  4. It’s rare I use anything when I masturbate, it’s just me under the covers with a single finger on my clit. I need to change that but I’ll skip the mirrors!

  5. After seeing ‘Beyond the Mirror’ I had to see this post. Arriving here in somewhat of an agitated state, having viewed perhaps a sultry odalisque on display, my body and mind has been throw into turmoil. I enjoyed reading so much that I now must… well, I can’t really say, not wanting to fall into disfavor with PS.

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