How Does Your Garden Glow

The prompt for Sinful Sunday is the letter G.

PurpleSole and I took some photos in the garden one afternoon a few weeks ago that we thought we would use.

Then last night after some wax play I think the adrenaline must have gone to my head, that or a constant high from so many orgasms this week. I remembered I had found some glow sticks whilst tidying and squirrelled them away in ruby’s box for later use.

“Do you think glow sticks would photo well?”

PS looked puzzled as I striped down, opened the patio door and ran around the garden waving glow sticks about.

Garden Glow- littlegem at night nude with red and blue blurs of light going across her body from two glow sticks

I hope the neighbours didn’t see as I must have looked a bit crazy, or like I was waving in air traffic.

After a quick Google (I am responsible, promise) we decided the liquid wasn’t toxic and PS chopped the glow stick open with some garden shears.

Garden Glow- littlegem nude in the garden, standing resting against a bush. She has blue glowing hand prints and smudges all over her skin.

These were chosen as the favourites but I have put someΒ  of the other Garden Glow photos we took in our gallery.

Sinful Sunday

46 Replies to “How Does Your Garden Glow

  1. I love the glow prints on your beautiful skin. And the silhouette of the trees in the background is also captivating <3

    1. This is a wonderful effect, and you have used it beautifully in this image. I agree with Cara; you so look like a fairy. It’s a gorgeous picture.

  2. I wondered how you did that image when I first saw it. Brilliant and it sounds like you had a fabulous time too


  3. Oh, I love this! I was drawn to the image right away but I didn’t read your post text until now and it’s really a fun, sweet story. I love how the shoot evolved and as I’ve said already …. the image is really stunning. You look like a goddess the way you are posed in the main photograph.

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