Be Still My Beating Heart

PurpleSole and I have been talking recently about taking more photos outside. I happened to mention that I would quite like to join in the Scavenger Hunt that Pieces of Jade hosts as it looks like fun.

Skip forward a week and we were on our way back from visiting PS’s parents when the car comes to a halt. PS gets the camera out and gestures to the road side. A bit flustered and my heart pounding I get out. I’m not really dressed for easy access plus we are also still in the same village his parents live.

Putting my doubts aside I quickly dive into telephone box come defibrillator machine and awkwardly pull up my bra and top…

Be Still My Beating Heart. littlegem has pulled her top and bra up exposing her breasts inside a telephone box that has been made into a external defibrillator.

It was quite a fun experience and although the picture is not great I am still happy that we did it. Hopefully more will follow and maybe I will be a bit more prepared next time.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

I thought I would also include this for my first entry to Boobday although it’s not the first time my breasts have featured. I joined in with the end of Eroticon mass boob picture taken by Missy of Focused and Filthy. Click to see here.

Hy tits banner in black and white v neck t shirt

9 Replies to “Be Still My Beating Heart

  1. I love that you actually suggested this to PS. You seem to have really grown in confidence since first starting with your pictures, rightly so as you have a great body and always look gorgeous. ?

  2. Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! I hope many more will follow. ? (I have an AED at my work I have been eyeballing for awhile now.) ?

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