Prioritise Time to Myself?

This week Food For Thought Friday asks about the time you have to yourself.

How often do you make time for yourself?

3 minutes 47 seconds. That’s how long my commute to work is. It is the time I get to myself to compartmentalise and getting ready for the challenges in front of me. It’s a chance to listen to one song and relax as I walk. Obviously this happens twice a day most days, and it is as much as I need. Generally speaking I enjoy my job but we all have days when we need time to think and switch off. I get this from being at home, with my children and with littlegem. The fact of the matter is that I hate being alone. After all I can’t be dominant if I don’t have a submissive around me.

What do you do to gain the most benefit from your “you time”?

I used to have plenty of time to myself and I would use that time to effortlessly procrastinate, Pinterest being a great absorber of time. I need focus in my life to give me direction.

I may occasionally get time to myself when littlegem goes out with some girlfriends of an evening. She may joke “You can have some time to masturbate”. I think about all the things I could do but the reality is that I’ll make myself a hot drink and watch something to pass the time. I don’t really enjoy masturbation by myself anymore. If it gets late I may lie in bed and wait, I can’t sleep. I’m wondering where gem is.

She hasn’t messaged me to say she’ll be late, I could message her but I don’t want to disturb her.

Like an excited dog I eagerly rush downstairs when she makes it through the door, we chat, we cuddle. The time on my own makes me appreciate having someone like gem in my life even if they turn me into a needy wreck.

How do you balance the time you devote to yourself and to others? Which do you prioritise? Why?

The time I have is heavily weighted towards not being on my own. I prioritise my family because it brings me joy. While the children are still young it’s important to prioritise them before they grow up and don’t want to be around their parents as much. It may not give me the time to do some things I would like to try or achieve, hopefully there will be time in the future to do that. Right now it can be busy and tiring but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.



6 Replies to “Prioritise Time to Myself?

  1. Seriously? Your commute to work is 3 minutes 47 seconds? I would kill to have that! Mine is between 30-50 minutes, depending on traffic, as I have to drive from one side of Rotterdam to the other. I would LOVE to work in the town we live in, but I am ‘too old’ to search for another job. Lucky you!

    Rebel xox

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