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A few days ago PurpleSole suggested we take part in the 30 Day Orgasm Challenge, now usually I would be extremely happy and grab at this with both hands, orgasms every day yes please! But the last couple of weeks due to illness and life we have experienced a major drop in our D/s. I looked at PS with a screwed up ‘really, do we have to?!’ face and dismissed it there and then. In the past two weeks we have both had about one orgasm, how would we ever get round to having one every day? Now if we were in a better position with our D/s PS would have pushed me and made me realise if was a good idea, but we weren’t so he left it there too. Later on in the week we were chatting with some kinky friends and it got mentioned that it was something PS had wanted us to do. During the chat we were made to realise that really this would be a good focus for us both. A way of reconnecting in spite of not feeling great. For us our mindsets are really linked to play and being intimate with each other. I have written before about if we stop being sexual with each other our whole D/s dynamic unravels very quickly. It’s a snowball effect and we are both left feeling pretty shit.

So, I am hoping the challenge will improve things for us and be a well needed re-set to our D/s. PS has already started to come up with a list of many different ways that will be used to make both of us orgasm and even just messaging him about it whilst he is at work is making me feel tingly inside. After a couple of weeks of feeling like a grey cloud is above me, I finally feel like it might shift away. This evening can not come soon enough for me.

I think the approach we are going to take will be a light fun one, if we don’t both orgasm everyday then it doesn’t matter. We are taking the orgasm challenge as a bit of fun that will hopefully improve our moods and D/s, if it doesn’t work for us then nothing lost. I think ultimately just playing together will have a positive affect, the thoughts of it certainly are. I am sure PS will document each orgasm in some way as well, he really enjoys a more scientific approach to things. Fingers crossed for many orgasm fun times and we will let you know how it goes!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post! I really hope that you have lots and lots of lovely orgasms throughout the 30days 🙂 lots of love x x x

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