Following Scarlet’s Lead

I felt small next to her. Not physically, her eye always had to look up to meet mine. Small in a way that I could never equalise her knowledge, her presence in a room and her beauty.She held her gloved hand over mine, closing my fingers around the handle. The leather felt supple on my palm, the heat of her pricking the back of my hand.

“Good, hold it with confidence but not too rigidly.”

Her commanding voice melted me every time, I knew I would do anything she told me to. The wanting to hear her, to please her was all too strong. That was the reason I was here, wasn’t it? She wanted to show me where she worked, assured me that I would enjoy stepping in her shoes for a bit. I didn’t want to step in her shoes, rather take them off along with her clothes and have her all to myself. No, she couldn’t possibly want that. Instead I will take her mentoring, greedily soaking up all the time I could spend with her, albeit shared with others.

“Now draw the crop back and tap it against this delicious ripe bottom.”

She stepped to the side to avoid my movements, I could just make out her flowing deep red hair out of the corner of my eyes. I felt a heat of jealousy, how I longed for her sweet words to be directed at me. Not this girl who’s lacy knickered bottom was exposed to me, straddled over the spanking bench ready to receive her desired pain. A part of me wanted to hit her hard, to take out my frustration. But I wouldn’t, it was no fault of hers that she had been allocated Mistress Scarlet for her afternoon of fun. Besides I wouldn’t want to displease Scarlet, no, just follow her every word. Try to do better.

I slapped the crop against the girls skin, a tiny sigh emitted from her painted pink lips. But I could tell it wasn’t what she had hoped for.

“That was very good for a first try, but I think you could do better. Try to visualise where the tip of leather will end up. You want to hit the sweet spot.” With this she caressed the girls ample bottom, spanked her sharply and grabbed her flesh indicating the spot she was referring to. I could see the obvious pleasure on the girls contorted face. The heat grew inside me, threatened to bubble to the surface.

Scarlet walked back behind me, putting her arms around me and holding the crop in my hand as if it was hers. She practised swinging the crop in mid air, a puppet to her movements as I enjoyed the feeling of her body so close to mine.

“Ok try again, remember to try and visualise. This naughty little girl is in need of some punishment.” I could see the girls lips form a smile at Mistress Scarlet’s words.

I aimed the black leather loop of the crop where Scarlet had squeezed the girls bottom, making the rosy pink mark left behind as my target. Thwack.

“Good, again,” Scarlet encouraged.

Another couple of strikes followed as my confidence began to grow along with my satisfaction of pleasing Scarlet. The girl seemed to be enjoying my efforts more, her sighs grew louder.

“I can see your getting into this, I told you you would. Keep going, I think this dirty girl wants it harder, isn’t that right dirty girl?” The girl nodded, her face twisted with pleasure as another blow hit her behind. A breathy grunt followed.

“Good girl, I think you have done an amazing job. Now pull the dirty slut’s knickers down, I think she’s ready for me now,” Scarlet directed.

I stood back and watched as Scarlet, with a large dildo strapped onto her hips took the girl from behind. I couldn’t help but drop my jaw at what I was about to witness. The purple phallus glistened in the dungeons lights, lube must have been liberally applied whilst I was busy cropping the girls buttocks. Scarlet’s hands were on the girls hips, manoeuvring the long purple tip towards her blushing cheeks. Slowly it disappeared into her anus, inch by inch I felt the heat burning inside me. Scarlet thrust her hips forwards and completed the dildos decent, the girl gasped.

Scarlet's black laced gloved hand holding a giant purple strap on. The image has been edited to use high exposure so the background is white and the tip of the phallus is barely visible.

I wanted to walk away, to not subject myself to this torturous vision any longer. But I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I was drawn to the way Scarlet’s hips undulated, moving the silicone cock in and out of the girls hole. With every movement Scarlet’s breasts bounced, free on top of her beautifully patterned under bust corset. The rouge of the material matching her pert nipples. I watched as her long black lace gloved hand occasionally spanked and nipped the girls bottom. Jealousy fired inside me, I wanted to taste her, to feel her body against mine, not this girl. But I didn’t look away.

I saw the girls orgasm build and her body trying to wriggle away from it’s probing. I saw Scarlet fling her head back and laugh whilst gripping the girls hips, burying the purple dildo deeper inside her. The girl screamed her release, her body writhing in jolts of pleasure. My fire shifted, jealousy turned to an aching in my wanting sex. I shifted my position, rubbing the material of my knickers against my tingling lips. The coolness of air I felt under my skirt proving to me that I was wet from watching the scene.

The girl gathered herself, her time was up. She thanked Scarlet and tottered off in her heels, not paying me as second glance.

“Are you ok?” Scarlet asked. My eyes were cast down, looking at my hands as I wrestled with my thoughts. I felt lace beneath my chin as scarlet raised it up and met my eyes. “I can tell you were enjoying yourself, It’s alright to, you can tell me.”

Her voice sent the tingling of my sex wild, I wanted to jump her. The images flashed in my head of what I had just seen, had heard. I had urges to rub her breasts upon my face and breathe her scent in deep, to tease and bite her delicious nipples. To have her hands upon my flesh. But no, I couldn’t think like this. She was a friend, my mentor, she couldn’t possibly reciprocate my feelings. She could have anybody she wanted, why would she want just me.     

“It was fun, you know, watching you at work. Thanks for letting me crop your client. Hope I didn’t do too bad of a job. You must be tired after all that, I should let you get back to your flat.” I had pushed my feelings back down and replied the way I should.

“Yeah I am pretty beat, but I was hoping you were going to come with me.” Scarlet said taking my hand, leading me.

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12 Replies to “Following Scarlet’s Lead

  1. O how glorious! I think you’re right to stop there, then we can all fill the gaps in our own way. I loved the pace and the supressed passion, the vista of Scarlet pegging and I particularly loved the glimpses we got of how the spankee was enjoying the experience too!

  2. Aaaaand now I need to know what happens next!

    Also, I can relate to the idea of being envious of someone on the receiving end, even if I was the one giving it out.

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