The Chain on the Train

My hand holds onto her’s. The loops of leather slip between two of my fingers and the chain they’re attached to pulls against the cuff on her wrist. The sleeve of her coat covering most of the evidence. The people in the train station around us have no idea. Let alone all the sexual paraphernalia in our suitcases.

This is how we decided to be while travelling to Eroticon. I always knew that going on a journey like this would worry littlegem. Quite frankly I’m happy to have this bond too, neither of us would go anywhere like this on our own. Making sure that we are always together is a priority and attaching ourselves in this way gives us both security, plus it’s a bit kinky.

Unfortunately being attached like this is highly impractical, especially if you have brought way too much stuff with you.

Note to self: suitcase with wheels next time.

After the journey in we didn’t chain ourselves together again. We still held on to each other’s hand despite our heavy bags, I don’t know who needed the support more (it was me). Especially when public transport doesn’t work how you want it to. There may have been times we had to rush around various train stations. Littlegem did well to settle me as I was in charge of transport.

We use our hands to communicate how we’re feeling. A quick squeeze asks if the other is ok. A reciprocal squeeze back confirms. We even used to have a more complicated system of squeezing fingers to communicate silently without anyone else noticing. The only one I remember now was a squeeze of the little finger says ‘I want to leave this situation’. Very handy during certain family events.

It may be very simple, but having that connection is important to maintain our intimacy. We spend a lot of downtime cuddling so when situations don’t allow that a hand to hold brings comfort.

There are some things about holding hands that I’d never thought of. One of which being that we always hold hands the same way. Gem’s arm goes in front of mine, which is unusual since I’m meant to be leading. However switching positions now just feels strange. We also almost always hold each others non-dominate hand (my right, her left) as I prefer it when walking with a pushchair.

It may not be super kinky, try as we might. But holding hands is another facet of our relationship that keeps us close.

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19 Replies to “The Chain on the Train

  1. Its unfortunate that it didn’t quite work how you wanted, but at least you’ll know for next time! I love the idea of having secret hand signals!

  2. hmm its what i miss most about not having a SO.
    i love touching and crave it.
    love how You both support each other

  3. I know what you mean about the power of handholding and although the chain feels more kinky I am glad that the metaphorical bond was enough to keep you close. ?

    1. Thanks, I forgot to mention a ‘couple’s glove’ gem knitted so we could hold hands and keep them warm. A couple of years later we saw one in a shop, missed opportunity I feel.

  4. I find it sexy that you were cuffed together for the ride, and sweet. It was a guarantee that you could not get lost from one another in the shuffle that could be in such a busy area. The signals are a great idea, especially for someone who might have anxiety issues like myself. An easy way to let someone know hey I am not doing good currently can we not announce it to the world and just get me somewhere safe. Coming by from the link up. Nice to meet you!

    1. Nice to meet you too. The hands are partly because of that, certain situations can make us feel anxious. littlegem finds travel pretty stressful so the cuff at least settled her nerves on the way there.

  5. I think it’s so sexy and kinky that you have been chained together, even though it didn’t really work out the way you wanted to. The connection must have felt brilliant! I also like your way of communicating with your hands 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you. It does feel a good way to add control to an otherwise normal thing we do. Part of me wanted to do it during the day, but we’re way too awkward for that.

  6. I like the idea of being secretly bound, but I especially love the secret hand holds. I tend to hook my pinky round his finger when I need his help. I’m glad you both enjoyed Eroticon and I’m sorry I never got the chance to meet you both x

    1. Thank you, I was very proud that I made the finger loops. They’ll be an opportunity to meet I imagine. We definatly want to go out and about more.

  7. I noticed you guys holding hands whenever I saw you at the socials, it was really sweet as you looked so bonded. My OH feels a bit soppy holding hands, and tends to stride ahead of me a lot so it doesn’t work for us out and about, but it means when we do hold hands it has more significance. My OH is always in charge of travel, but it is my role to sooth and smooth anxieties as I’m much calmer than him (but he’s done all the hard work).

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