Below the Belt

Introduction to chastity for us

When the idea of female chastity came up littlegem was much more excited about the subject than I imagined. We had done research and although it interested us both, it was put on the back burner for a while.

I was looking online at various sex toy websites, we had run out of lube as well as a couple of other things and was looking for something else to put in the basket to get free delivery. That’s when I saw a reduced leather chastity belt that took the total up to the price I needed. Our research had suggested that it was a good idea to buy a cheap one first to see if it was right for us.

We had played around a bit with orgasm denial and that had turned out to be quite a turn on for me. I thought part of this could be enhanced further with chastity. The idea of being locked up, only allowed to be touched when PurpleSole decided was very appealing. It is the power exchange that I find most of a turn on. I don’t think we are ready for it to be a full time thing at the moment, but a little taster would be nice to see if it is something we enjoy.  


There was another reason for buying it. I think about what makes me feel dominant, especially after a day at work. There is a definable transition period after putting the children to bed, this is when I need to change from dad to Dom. The same is for gem and her submissiveness. During this time she will kneel, waiting for my direction to able her to get up. If it’s a night for play a collar will be exchanged. I’ve always felt I need something to lift my Dominance at this point.

By attaching the chastity belt to gem, I have a of feeling of ‘this is mine’ and it increases my feelings of dominance. I do like seeing her in it too, very much Dom-Rod territory. Locking her in means holding onto the key, not to be released until I say so. I enjoy having a key (as well as our clicker) on my person, it has become symbolic as well as practical. This helps me get into the right headspace in the evening time.

Having the chastity as an extension onto our evening ritual has really further helped me transition into my submissive self. I am PurpleSole’s and ultimately his to control as he wishes. The feeling of the leather against my skin and the tight hold it has on me is a constant reminder of this.

Chastity in use  

A few weeks have gone by now. Gem is still put into a chastity belt every night, but there are exceptions.

– If gem is in a different persona, puppy and ruby get treated differently.
– If gem is on her period.

Apart from this, using the belt has worked fairly well. Gem can be unlocked for play and locked back up afterwards. I still need to play with denial, building it up before stopping and letting her stew in her aroused state. Trouble is she’ll look at me in that way, pleading with her eyes. I’ll go soft and let her orgasm. Turns out you can press a wand against her while she’s wearing her belt with interesting results.

As the leather of the belt is fairly supple and thin the vibrations of the wand travel right through it. This is a great and teasing sensation which is amplified as the belt is resting against, not just my clitoris, but everything down below including in between my bum. I don’t think it is strong or direct enough to orgasm from, but it is certainly strong enough to give a tempting build up and leave me ready and wanting. But, of course at this point I would be still locked up in the belt so the knowledge that no further stimulation may be received is always there. I can put, beg or plead with PS but it is entirely up to him what happens next. The notion of this alone is very enjoyable for me.

A big turn on for me is erotic humiliation and chastity really works well with this as well. Being told how turned on I am, even though nothing has physically touched me makes me feel wrong, which in turn has its effects on me further. We have also used the belt a few times when out and about, a whisper in my ear reminding me that I’m a dirty girl that has to be locked up is tantalising, this is furthered by the constant pressure of the leather against my intimate areas.

A permanent lock up?

The main limitation is that apart from the odd short trip out, it can only be worn in the evening. When we go upstairs to bed, the belt is replaced with the chain around her ankle. So in this regard I feel in control of her. However when it’s during the day, I’ll be at work or we’ll be with the children at the weekend. It’s impractical so I have to accept that this is as much use we can get out of it.

The leather belt we have is simple in design and at the moment this works for us, but has no accessibility for relieving myself toilet wise either so not practical to use all the time. It also comes up fairly high on my waist which although makes it a flattering design, isn’t the most discreet look under clothing. Wearing it all day would not work for me, not with our current belt. I love the constant reminder of PS’s dominance with the hold the belt has on me but I am not sure I am ready/ would want it all the time.

So would we splash out for a proper chastity belt? If gem could wear it all the time and we could justify spending that much money on such a thing then maybe. But for now I’m happy to keep the status quo.


5 Replies to “Below the Belt

  1. This is really interesting. I have never tried a chastity belt but can see how it could work well for both of your mindsets. We don’t have evenings to ourselves so it wouldn’t work for us right now but perhaps at some point in the future. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this post. I was wondering about what you used. Without bathroom capability it would be very impractical to try and wear it long time. But that is a large part of the fun!!

    1. Thank you, we have seen a nice one but it was quite expensive. So maybe if we were together for a longer period of time that would be good.

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