We have taken lots of sexy photos for our blog but there are some I like more than others. Since being in D/s there are many images that I enjoy looking at. The following is no exception.

Phwoar look at that spreadsheet. I’ve mentioned before my love of them. The lines that are parallel and straight, the colours that look pretty like rainbows, the formulas that calculate everything for you.

This is a spreadsheet of littlegem’s tasks for the week. That way I can keep tabs on her, this is mainly so she doesn’t do too much and burns out towards the end of the week. This would result in not wanting to play, instead she would prefer to sit down and order naughty food. I was therefore asked to come up with an option to put that control in my hands.

Here is the first section of the spreadsheet. It covers the main tasks that gem is to do during the week. We have sat down and discussed what she would like to achieve. There are a certain number of boxes next to each task, for example there are 7 boxes for making dinner as like most humans we eat every day. However cleaning duties are limited so that she doesn’t have to worry about doing too much or too little. There is a colour code for each day so that I know that too much isn’t being done in a certain day. The file itself is on a shared drive folder, I can see what she has been up to at anytime during my work hours. This is the way we both want it to be. I will message her to see how she is and whether she has performed certain tasks or not.

The second part of the spreadsheet covers duties that aren’t of importance but I would like to encourage gem to do. The aim is create a positive incentive that over time will become more natural as our dynamic progresses. By writing a list of things I would like, gem can visually see that she is making me happy by performed tasks asked of her. As part of giving positive feedback she is rewarded for her actions and not punished for a lack of action. Every time she does something stated on the sheet she will earn a point. At the end of each week her points will be accrued and can be spent.

With the points gem has earned she is allowed treats. It was difficult to come up with treats that weren’t purely food based (a primary motivator) and I have included treats for her other persona’s. Now there is a greater feeling that these rewards have been earned.

Every Sunday night we will sit down, talk about our dynamic and how each other feels. The spreadsheet provides good evidence for if gem feels too much pressure or not. We also discuss the changes we will make in the future in order to take our dynamic in the direction we want it to. Adjustments are made and Monday starts again with a blank sheet, ready to be made colourful again.

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  1. This sounds like a great way to keep track of and develop your relationship.
    And, I love my spreadsheets too. Without one for planning the posts on my blog, keeping track of Wicked Wednesday participants and the Smut Marathon, I would be totally lost!

    Rebel xox

  2. I also appreciate food based treats. It’s hard to come up with some that aren’t but you’ve given some good ideas here.

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