I have always been a very sexual person and enjoyed orgasms a lot. Discovering myself sexually when I was quite young, around the age of 13. I remember being amazed that people managed to get anything done. How could they if they knew their bodies could do these things that felt so good. When I say discovered myself sexually, I mean masturbation as well as being aware that I liked women. Although, I didn’t really accept or acknowledge fully that I was bisexual until I was a bit older. I knew as much that my body reacted very positively to seeing or thinking about women naked. On discovering orgasms it was something I played around with a lot, I remember using masturbation as a reward for studying quite a bit. I’m not sure how old I was but I also discovered fairly early on that I could squirt. I did think it was pee for ages, other than making sure I had towels handy, it was too enjoyable to stop doing. Although I didn’t feel comfortable to tell anyone I was sexual with, including PS, until much later. Only about two years ago roughly.

All the self playing was incredibly fun, but it also had drawbacks. When I did become sexually active with other people. Yes it was fun, but it could never match the pleasure and orgasm I could induce in myself. It confused matters a bit more as my first sexual encounters were with boys. There was a part of my teens that I assumed I was a lesbian partly because I just wasn’t getting the same pleasure. It wasn’t that others couldn’t bring me to orgasm, it was more that it would take so long. Not in a lovely build up kind of way, more that it just took ages for it to actually feel good. It just wasn’t the same as the orgasms I could achieve myself in a fraction of the time. It wasn’t for the lack of effort, trying or skill either on the males part.

Things did get a bit easier with time and don’t get me wrong, my orgasms before D/s were still amazing and plentiful. Things did change though. Early on in D/s PurpleSole decided that he wanted to take control of my orgasms, making them his to take. To start off with he did this by giving me a countdown before I could orgasm. This initially had a negative affect. I would be so close to an orgasm, toe curlingly close, but as soon as the countdown started it was like a switch had been flicked. Resetting everything back to zero on the orgasm scale. It was like this for a while, the countdown would finish but it would be a while after before I could. We persevered through and i’m glad we did.

It was a struggle with giving up control, for me. Over the years I had been the one in control of my orgasms and had convinced myself that no one could match my efforts on myself. To achieve an orgasm I have to be there in my mind, when in our D/s I had realised that involved letting go of the control.

So step one of PS taking control had been mastered. Usually I am begging for him to count faster, i’m worried I will beat him to the end of the countdown. This has never happened though, my body keeps me on the tip right up until I hear the word “one”. The next step PS decided was that I could masturbate when I wanted but not orgasm without his consent. Spoiler alert, he never gives me the consent. This rule has been broken a few times and I was punished efficiently for my crimes. For me this works really well, it is the control and power exchange that gets me hot, and in the end I am left ready and wanting PS in the evening when it’s play time.

This also goes hand in hand with orgasm denial and chastity which was PS’s next step for me. I am not denied for too longer time, a week has been my longest, but it is enough to have a positive affect on me.

Currently chastity isn’t something I am in all the time, it just isn’t feasible at this point in time for us. It is something we do in the evenings or short periods of time at the weekend. PS will lock me up after playing with me (before I get a release) and leave me that way until he wants to let me out. The effect of both chastity and orgasm denial are that when I am finally allowed an orgasm, they tend to be stronger and last quite a while. Well worth the wait.

Masturbation Monday

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I know what you mean about being able to masturbate to orgasm more effectively than with a partner.. I think it’s because when it’s your body and your touch you can alter and adjust as necessary, a partner can’t do that as easily.

    I am glad that your experiences with PS and your power exchange has been something that you get such pleasure from!

    1. Yes, not being able to read our minds doesn’t help for sure, but I think it went deeper than that. I’m not sure if anyone else is the same but I certainly have a mind orgasm off switch.

  2. Thank you for sharing this gem, really interesting to read your experiences and how your orgasms and responses have changed, particularly with the start of your D/s. It’s not easy to let go but I’ve found that it has been so worth it in many ways I didn’t expect! I can also relate to the off switch and for me timing is really key or I’m back to square 1, sometimes on purpose of course!

  3. how cool for you to have gone from enjoying yourself at will to following His cum commands
    a sweet progression in life to give total control to your Love
    Thanks for sharing

  4. This is really interesting gem and I like the way that you are experimenting with things like chastity too. I look forward to hearing more about that. 🙂

  5. I do love some orgasm control. I didn’t figure out how to get myself off until MUCH later in life so I didn’t have that history of control. But it is delightful when they get the right spot, tempo, and everything else.

  6. I don’t know if I could handle a count down, but I find it interesting that you have trained yourself to do this…so I suppose anything is possible.

    I remember thinking similar things about orgasms when I was young. It was so easy and quick to get myself off…and so difficult with guys. Thankfully, it got better with time. It’s good that many of us learn what works for us as we get older and have partners who are willing to play along.

    1. It is interesting the effect the countdown has on my body. I have read about people who can be counted down, or other prompts and orgasm just on demand. I definitely still need the sexual stimulation still though.

  7. A very intriguing post. What do you wear for the chastity training—something you said indicates that something is worn. I would love to see a picture of it. And also to hear much more about it… but then again, it’s kinda my thing… lol

    1. Thank you. Well as if by magic we do have a post on chastity that we were putting together for tonight! Have to wait and read 🙂

  8. Oh the count down! What a wicked man you are married to Gem! It’s great that you are able to find pleasure by using different approaches to orgasm.

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