Double Exposure- Baring Purple’s Sole

When I saw this months prompt for Sinful Sunday “Double Exposure”, I immediately had an idea in my mind of what I wanted to do. When I told PurpleSole my idea, to say that he wasn’t sure wouldn’t really cover his reaction. PS didn’t like the idea of his penis being shown, I did point out it has been exposed before.The day before the double exposure prompt was due to start we had a bit of free time in the afternoon. So, I re-approached the subject, batted my eyelashes PS’s way and finally got him to come round to my idea. I mean it did involve him receiving oral so what was there to lose.

Double Exposure

I’m happy that my vision of double exposure come out how I wanted. I think this is the first photo that I have thought of, taken and edited all by myself!

Sinful Sunday

38 Replies to “Double Exposure- Baring Purple’s Sole

    1. Thank you, I think it’s my fav photo on our whole site. O yes a lot of investment. I will pass on your compliment to PS, I’m sure they will be received well.

  1. Other men’s cocks are not my area of expertise, but I can see no reason why PS shouldn’t be perfectly happy to show his off, with or without filters.
    And I like idea behind the shot – I wish I’d had the same thought.

  2. Now that is really something. A successful joint effort. Question… how many times did PS ‘come’ round in the making of this image?

  3. Itโ€™s a brilliant idea and my other half screwed his face up a little* when I suggested our image this week.

    *ok, quite a lot.

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