Puppy’s Inspection

We usually do an inspection once a week as part of our play. It’s a way for me to feel cared for but also objectified in a kinky way. PurpleSole has written before about how our inspections generally take place. This week PS decided to add a little twist.“Tonight’s inspection is going to be on puppy.”

The idea of this happening did come up in one of our chats once but we never did it and I had sort of forgotten about it. My initial reaction was curiosity but with a bit of apprehension. Last weeks inspection didn’t go as well as it could have, I had put on a bit of weight that meant I was very slightly over our agreed limit. This knocked me out of my headspace and made me act out. I must stress I have asked PS to help me maintain my weight and see it as a very positive thing that he weighs me. But, on hearing that I hadn’t passed did upset me and immediately I got defensive. No matter how many ways I try to talk myself and PS around to why it’s OK and the limit should just be changed PS held his ground. He was right to, and in hindsight I can see that. I will add that he didn’t fail me either so really he was being kind. Although my weight is healthy and well within a good BMI etc, I know where I feel comfortable and when I need to be reined back a bit otherwise my confidence of how I feel about my body will drop.

I prepared for my inspection as usual, then did the additional preparations that come with being puppy. PS set up the room and adorned his inspection coat and gloves. I knelt as directed and PS switched my collars, from day to puppy. Usually when switching collars I can feel something inside of me change, I let go. I feel deeply submissive from the moment puppy’s collar is buckled around my neck. This time was different, I couldn’t allow myself to be free, not straight away. Too much was unknown of what was going to happen. PS gives orders during my inspection of different positions for me to get into for him to fully inspect my body. These vary from standing, kneeling and lying in a certain ways. With our puppy play I don’t stand, talk or generally get into ‘human’ positions so wasn’t sure how PS was going to take the inspection and me further. Of course PS had thought of this and appropriate puppy position were used and a couple of new positions taught.

puppy on all fours resting on her elbows with her bottom in the air. Her butt plug tail is curled up and around onto her back.

A new position for me had puppy on all fours, shoulders down with her bum still in the air. He explained it to puppy first and said it was called ‘present’.

“Present, good girl.” I moved into the new position. ‘Click’ PS had decided to use the clicker. We use this usually for oral training, never in puppy play before so it was a surprise. I hadn’t liked the idea of using it in puppy play, which sounds silly as clickers are for dog training. The thought just didn’t appeal, well so I thought. The use of the clicker and the feeling it provokes along with the ‘puppy’ specific words he was using for the inspection tipped me over and into my headspace. He carried on inspecting puppy’s body, caressing his hands all over, working from the tail up. When PS got to my breasts he moulds them in his hands, moving them from side to side and running his hands underneath them. He comments on puppy’s ‘teats’ and I could feel my face flush and a prickling sensation down below, the objectification along with humiliation this made me feel was unbearably delicious. I wanted to hide my face but didn’t, settling for letting out a little whimper instead.

After PS had finished inspecting puppy’s body fully he announced that she had passed. I had asked before the inspection took place that I was to be weighed separately and on this occasion PS had agreed. I didn’t want my negative feelings to affect the play, especially as we were doing something a little bit different. I think I would have found it to hard to deal with and I may not have been able to fully succumb to my submissive mindset. Puppy play is something I still have very contradictory feelings about and might always will, if anything the feelings probably add to the play. For me it is something that I find weird and wrong that I enjoy, if I think about it too much my face flushes but my body reacts. At the end of the day we enjoy it and it makes me feel very free and cared for. I felt a feeling of deep submission and quite a bit of arousal from the inspection, more so than I would usually. Having the puppy element there really did heighten the experience for me and I know it did for PS as well.

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  1. Interesting read, I wonder about your reluctance regarding the clicker. And I love this sexy, submissive photo. Your tail is magnificent!
    Indie x

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