‘The art of serving sushi off a naked body.’

Sometimes PurpleSole and I like to have a meal by ourselves, I will make the kids their dinner and after we put them to bed we will have ours. Usually something naughty that isn’t really child suitable.

“I really fancy some sushi, don’t you?” I had already consumed my allotted amount of take-outs that month so it was a naughty request. I am limited to one unless there is really good reason, if I was left to my own devices I would have them all the time. Not good for my tummy or pockets.

“Only if I can take pictures of you with it first.”

‘Strange suggestion,’ I thought to myself, ‘is that really picture worthy?’ well it meant I could have sushi so I agreed. PS sorted the order and it arrived as planned just as we have finished putting the kids to bed.

PS had cleared our dining table of mats and the room of chairs. “Take your clothes off and lay on the table on your side please.”

My first thought wasn’t of how cold that table will be, it was that I must go and find the nice chopsticks to put in my hair… I lay down slowly on the table, the wood cold against my bare skin. I try and keep as still as possible as PS places maki down my side. I don’t think he even got half way before I was giggling and some pieces rolled off.

“Please try to stop moving so much.”

“It tickles!”


I had a research after our photos to find out more information about nyotaimori online. I knew it was ‘a thing’ but didn’t realise the apparent training women have to lay still for such a long time. I can see why as it is difficult, any movement (like breathing) can have disastrous effects.

After PS took a few snaps I did ask for a quick sushi removal and perhaps to lay on my back instead, hoping that it may provide a flatter surface. Alas, I don’t think I make a very good table. We had a lot of fun though. We could have taken a more serious ‘play scene’ approach and I think the humiliation of being used as an object would very much appeal to me. That coupled with PS eating off me, even perhaps denying me food until he had taken his desired amount. But I think it suited us better to be more relaxed and have a bit of a laugh instead. Plus it was very cold.


Maybe in the future we might have a repeat performance and try a few different things. I think somehow using the wasabi paste as a kind of paint would be interesting. From a play perspective if there were more people involved I think that would work really well. I’m not sure PS is ready for that yet though.

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30 Replies to “Nyotaimori

  1. You’re so lucky you can have sushi delivered to your house!? The wasabi would scare me – I can’t stand the taste of it and I would be so worried it would end up somewhere unmentionable! Another great one from this shoot!

  2. Loved reading more about this, it sounds fun; i remember loving one of these photos from before and I was happy to see this one on your side! It’s beautiful. I love the chopsticks in your hair and that THAT was your first thought! So cute. And the idea of painting with wasabi is very cool. Hope to see more in the future.

  3. Great pics! I particularly like the one on your side with your air held up by the chop sticks! And I love that you both laugh together! That’s so important!!

  4. Gorgeous photos, right down to the little details. I expect you are very popular hosts with a table as well set as that (smiling) 😉

  5. Great to read more about this, I loved the initial image and it’s super to se more, the idea of painting on wasabi definitely appeals to my creative side!

  6. I love how YOU were a bit cheeky in asking for take-out but HE was wonderfully devious in surprising you with a yes AND how it would be served. Sounds like something JB would do if given the chance. Also, the photos are GORGEOUS!

  7. I really loved the first image you posted, and didn’t think you could better it. But you have! And now I have to find out about nyotaimori in more detail – fascinating…
    Indie xx

  8. I love this image but also hearing about the way that you engage with each other. I think that it is worth the expense sometimes to indulge yourselves in something like this. 🙂

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