Getting To The Bottom Of Temperature Play

PurpleSole and I had been watching a video online about temperature play, this is something we have played about with a little bit but not using both hot and cold in the same scene. I have always liked using warmer things, wax being the main one but also heated up objects for insertion. Cold on the other hand has not been a sensation I have been fond of, I guess I had formed negative associations with it in my mind. After watching the video it left me wanting to have another try, perhaps the mixture of the two would heighten the sensations and make them both affect my body positively.

In the evening after my inspection PS laid out the sex blanket and an array of toys. He had put a glass dildo by the fire so it could warm up and another went in the fridge. He had also got out a butt plug that we had only used successfully once before D/s and not really tried again, it is ceramic with a plug in it so it can be filled with cold or hot water. He laid me down on the blanket and started to caress my body.

“Are you ok?” He was looking at me with an air of caution. Honestly I thought I was, I answered positively and he carried on. The play ended shortly after that.

We had a long chat in bed and came to realise that PS had noticed a few things in me that made him sceptical about playing, my body language wasn’t expressing the same consent that I was verbally giving. I was starting to come down with a cold that and some other stuff, my head wasn’t in the right place to play. PS was right to stop the play and should of trusted his original judgement. Sometimes I am a terrible judge of myself and need PS to step in.

The next morning…

I woke with a head cold and was feeling rather sorry for myself and a bit down after the failed play. When I feel vulnerable and needing of being cared for my little side, ruby, tends to come out. After snuggling up to PS and having some Calpol I had started to feel much better and I think this must have come across.

“I have some more medicine for you and a special way to administer it.”

I won’t go into details but we had a great lay-in that ended up, although abruptly as the kids began to stir, with one of PS’s hands in my vagina and the other in my bum.  

Later that day…

After we had put the kids down for a nap PS decided he wanted to give temperature play another go. My initial reaction was to say no, I wasn’t feeling my best and besides he had already been in all my holes that day. As I was trying to wiggle my way out of some play, I felt my body already reacting to the thought of some more anal fun, also the craving for an orgasm as I had been denied this morning and decided it would be good after all.


PS started by teasing me with his finger, rubbing lube onto my hole and tentatively pressing inside. He then got one of the metal butt plugs that had been sitting in a bowl of warm water and slowly inserted it, letting me know of it’s progress as he pressed it inside me. Once in he played with me a bit more, using his fingers covered with cold lube inside my other now slick hole. The sensation was nice, I could feel the butt plug was slightly warm but not too noticeable. The cold felt good, quite soothing. After he removed the metal plug he moved on to the ceramic one and filled it with warm water, warmer than body temperature but not too hot. He told me he would take it very slowly, I gasped as he pressed it against me. The ceramic was much warmer but it felt pleasurable and I could feel my muscles relax as I was stretched around the plug. I was surprised when PS informed me the plug was at the widest point, it had slipped in much easier than when we had used it previously. The pleasure intensified when it was fully inserted, PS used his fingers to thrust it in and out against me.

I felt like I needed more and asked PS to use his cock inside me. With my legs up and resting against his chest he inserted himself inside my bum, fucking me deeply. I really enjoy anal sex, it makes me feel very submissive especially in positions where PS has all the control. I was nearing an orgasm when PS removed himself, he had been tipped over the edge from my muscles clenching and I hadn’t noticed. In my enjoyment I had slipped into my headspace. PS then got out one of the glass dildos and as it was glass it was very cold to the touch. He started to screw it into my bum and I begged to orgasm, the tingly cold and screwing motion threatening to send me over the edge. PS started his countdown, thankfully from 5 and I climaxed hard that sent waves of pleasure through my bum.

I had a great time experimenting with temperature and certainly would want a repeat. The thought of using ice cubes certainly has an appeal as well, not something we have done for a long time. The heating vibrators in the video we watched do look interesting as well. Sometimes play for us doesn’t go as planned but that’s ok. We are not robots so our feelings and thoughts at the time of play are certainly going to have an impact, I think the main thing is to just trust instinct and put the play to a side. It can always be done another time. Better to stop than try and hash some play out when we are not in the right minds to.  

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26 Replies to “Getting To The Bottom Of Temperature Play

  1. This sounds like some pretty intense play! We haven’t done a lot with temperature play but your post has me thinking about it. I also know what you mean about things not always going according to plan. I think that is only natural and it happens to us too. It’s not always easy at the time but stopping to take stock of the situation is the best thing I think ?

    1. We did have fun in the end. Yeah although it’s difficult at the time to stop, fear of disappointment but it’s best in the end.

  2. A very interesting post. We haven’t really don’t much in this area. There is a massive trek between the kitchen and bedroom and this is patrolled by the boy…. if we cooled things in the fridge he could see it and same with the freezer…. wax play is good but I think any serious experimentation in this area will be once he has left home or is out for some time….

    1. Need an ice bucket, but I guess they may wonder what you were doing with it. Yeah this kind of play can be messy, best when you have space and time!

  3. We’ve got the same ceramic plug and it’s such a different sensation isn’t it? I definitely prefer it filled with warm/hot water to cold though! Great post again!

    1. Thank you. Yeah warm is much better inside it, I think cold is good for things that can be removed quicker as I find it can get too much.

  4. Interesting post, and nice that PS is on top of your situation so well. I certainly like the idea of temperature play, but never think of it until it’s too late. As I have a great selection of glass dildo’s I routinely use for anal play I might need to consider some forward planning… At least I don’t have the issue of children, housemates etc to worry about – though the dog was convinced there was an intruder in the house the other night when he was in the other room, and I was getting a bit vocal – lol. Indie xx

    1. Thank you. I think it’s worth a go, glass heats/ cools fairly quickly so I recon an ice bucket and bowl of hot water for them to rest in would do the job fairly quickly. I love glass dildo’s for anal play, they are only beaten in my opinion by an actual cock.

  5. Thanks for this post… there is so much here… knowing one another, taking time to be sure everything is ok, the actual sexy hotness (Stefan’s goal the other night was a hand in both holes too… we didn’t get quite there, but the trying… oh the trying!), the temperatures… Thanks for showing us a peek into a hot time!

  6. I like how you recorded all of this, even the bit that didn’t go to plan. I think it’s good to show that things aren’t always perfectly sexy! Life happens sometimes!

  7. Awww, I hate it when we have to skip something planned because one of us isn’t quite well enough for it. But yay for getting some fun later!

  8. I love temperature play, really cold glass dildos in my cunt are such a huge turn on and tend to lead to very intense orgasms. One word of advice though, don’t put VERY cold things in your bottom, especially ice cubes as the cold will cause you to have cramps. It is NOT nice at all


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