Ruby’s Birthday Party


“It’s my birthday in 11 days,” littlegem started the usual countdown a little bit later than previous years. “Although I think that it’s probably a day more for ruby.”

So instead of celebrating littlegem’s birthday I put together a party for her little side, ruby. The first she knew of it was an invitation .

*You Are Invited*
Ruby will be having a party at 7.30pm. Cake and party food will be provided

Ok you don’t send an invitation to the party girl but I thought it would be fun.

I received a text from PurpleSole a few days before my birthday, an invitation to ruby’s birthday party. I was very excited when seeing the message, it’s not unusual for me to be excited for my birthday but this tapped more into the submissive little side of me which made it even more special. I had no idea what PS had in mind, I assumed there would be nibble like party food and was really hoping for a cake.

On the night of the party littlegem was told stay upstairs whilst I set up. I had the cake sorted from the night previous so all I needed to was sort out the other food. A blanket was out on the floor, party plates, balloons, napkins, hats and a badge for the birthday girl.
It was time to get her. I got ruby’s collar from the cupboard and head upstairs so that we can begin. It was at this point that a now ruby informs me she wants a pyjama party. With a quick change of clothes and her collar exchanged, ruby was ready.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when walking in our living room, I hadn’t expected it to be decorated like a party, birthday banner and all. The party food looked amazing, what could be better than sausages and cheese… Smoked salmon of course! PS knows me so well, food is really the key to my heart.

Once we’d both had enough of the sausages and cheese, it was time for cake. I was excited about the cake, it wasn’t a looker but it was tasty.


To give you a full description I need you read this next bit in a sexy deeper voice, slow and soothing. Imagine an M&S advert if you will.

The moist and decadent cake was made of two rich gooey brownies with a thick layer of salted caramel nestled in between. Some of that naughty caramel oozing out of the side, easily sucked off a finger after a playful dip. A dark chocolate ganache was drizzled teasingly over the top, filling the cracks with its creaminess. M&M chocolates poking out of the top, ready and wanting to be plucked off and taken a bite of.

Well I’m hungry now…

The cake was amazing not just to eat, but wow it was a sickly moist chocolatey goodness. It also had pretty candles on top that burnt with colourful flames! I love the smell of birthday candles.

I know when ruby/gem is eating something she likes, she sways from side to side, and makes yummy noises, so it was a joy to see. I didn’t fancy moving, not at all, I was so full.

With both our stomachs cursing the gastronomical disaster that had just befallen them, we settled down on the sofa. Ruby had pick of a film she wanted to watch, that’s where we stayed until the end of the night.

Sinful Sunday


February Photofest

35 Replies to “Ruby’s Birthday Party

  1. This sounds utterly adorable and I love the picture of you laying on the floor in the tutu. The colours and the textures to it are so real I feel like I could touch it


  2. Now that is quite the outfit!

    Happy Cake-Day, Ruby. I have’t had this much fun reading a post in some time. I do love the cake, it looks as if I made it, I’ll bet it tastes fantastic. Now I have to go get some cheese and sausage from my fridge.

    1. We used to have cheese and sausage parties and make little flags from where they all came from. It would take more time than eating them. We enjoy doing/writing so we like hearing people enjoying reading it so thank you.

  3. How wonderful! I love that you had such a wonderful time eating lovely party food. And the tutu photos are adorable xx

    1. Thank you ☺. Yes we may have had a lot of cake this week, turns out you can’t have much in one go. But wouldn’t want to waste it, so ate it little and often.

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