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When we got married the wedding guests had put money together for vouchers to a well known department store. We didn’t know what to do with it initially. While on honeymoon I asked littlegem if we should buy a camera, not a basic compact one like we were using then, a nice one. This was difficult to justify, apart from holidays and the wedding we had no reason to take photos. I even remember when first moving out with gem and someone else, not taking a single photo while we lived there.

We knew we wanted to start a family, that became my biggest argument. So we bought a SLR with no real knowledge of what to do. In many ways I still don’t know what I’m doing. We now have two beautiful children and have become those parents. You know the ones, the proud parents, the ones that take a photo of every small achievement. Sorry.

Since starting D/s there has become a new purpose for the camera. Gem wasn’t comfortable having her photo taken and I set out to change that. Fast forward to now and we have come far since then, regularly taking sexy photos. It has become a regular feature of our weekend. The children go down for their afternoon nap and mummy and daddy use the hour or two for sexy photo fun.


There used to be a conflict during this time, I would be pushing gem and she would resist. I have described her as acting like diva when she wasn’t happy with the photos. Partly because of my lack of skill with a camera and partly her lack of confidence in herself as she saw pictures I had taken.

Now that she is more comfortable the experience has become more enjoyable, it’s not just for me anymore. Gem feels sexier which is great. Taking erotic photos is fun, that’s the way it should be. So it’s important to remind her, if I am taking a photograph of gem I would ask her to relax and enjoy the experience. Because in some ways it doesn’t matter how good the photos look if you both enjoy yourselves in the process.

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21 Replies to “Just Shoot Me

  1. I especially love the coloured photograph and the way her magnificent hair cascades down over her shapely body. Lovely!

  2. I love when C and I take pictures together, although can relate to the diva part when he’s behind the camera lol and I’ve got the vision in my mind, most of all though, it’s not always about the image in the end, more about the shared experience of capturing it. We still use a phone and I’m super keen on slashing out on a DSLR. You’ve inspired me!

    1. It’s almost become our shared hobby which is nice ☺.

      I think what’s amazing is that all your photos are done on a phone. We’ve got no chance on Sunday if you get one lol.

      1. I’m envious of the time you both have to spend on it and I can’t think of a better shared hobby! Aw, don’t be daft, editing works wonders…

        1. Future us will be envious too when the kids get older. Children of all ages love naps, right?

          Do you use fancy editing apps? We only have free ones (snapseed mainly).

  3. Having my picture taken and taking my own pictures has helped me feel less awful in front of a camera. It’s a slow process but a good one.

    Also, this picture is gorgeous — both the subject and the composition. 🙂

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