Master’s Pet


Her lube covered finger found her tight hole, she circled it, carefully spreading the slippery substance around her. Clasping the cold metal she teased it against her entrance, slowly trying to insert the tip. She was nervous and it wasn’t helping her by not relaxing. She stopped and took a deep breath, she opened her eyes as she exhaled focusing on herself in the dresser mirror. One hand on the pine unit steadying herself as she bent over and the other holding the tail plug firmly, lube slick on its metal end. She tried again and felt herself opening up as the plug made its way firmly inside her. She could feel her body start to awaken. She stood up straight and gave her bottom a little wiggle, pleased to see the tail swish from side to side as she did so. She finished off her preparations by placing her long hair in high bunches at the sides of her head, affixing them with purple hair ties. One last glance in the mirror, she liked how this made her look. The feeling of becoming Master’s pet.

She kneeled by the door as directed, waiting for him to come and complete the transition. Another deep breath, excitement was bubbling inside her but she had to contain herself. She distracted herself by trying to listen to the voices behind the door, the flow of the conversation was light and jovial. She wondered if he had told them what he had in mind, or was this going to be as big of a surprise to them as it was to her. The door opened and shut swiftly behind him, he stood in front of her.

“Good girl, don’t you look beautiful,” His voice anchoring her, “Now are you going to be a good girl for my guests, I don’t want to see any cheeky behaviour from you.”  He slowly removed her day collar from around her neck and replaced it with the thick rose-coloured leather dog collar. “Is that ok, not too tight?” She looked up into his eyes as she sloped from kneeling to being on all fours. She nuzzled at his leg and gave him one more direct look of her big brown eyes.

She followed him back into the room, immediately she could feel everybody’s eyes on her, taking in the sight of her naked body adorned with her pet side of her for all to see. A part of her wanted to hide, to cover up and be ashamed, but a bigger part was enjoying it. Enjoying the openness and freedom that she felt and enjoying the attention it had brought her. She could hear words of affirmation of her beauty and what good pedigree she must have, the words like warm water she bathed in them, cleansing her of her previous negative thoughts. She felt his hand upon her, stroking down her back and patting her rear, her body tingling as the tail plug made its presence known. She could see one of her Masters friends trying to call her over, a biscuit in his hand, an offering for her. She looked up at her Master for reassurance, he nodded his approval and gave her another pat on her bottom. As gracefully as she could, she crawled over to him on her hands and knees, being careful not to kneel on her long tail. She rested her head on his knee next to the biscuit and looked up with doey eyes, she wasn’t one to beg but she knew she wanted the treat.

“In a minute girl, let me have a closer look at you first.” He lifted her chin and moved her head from side to side. 

“Very nice, don’t you think she’s a beauty,” He turned to talk to the woman sitting next to him.  Her heart pounded as her hand reached out and touched her skin, caressing down the arch of her back.

“Oh yes, a real beauty. Such exquisite features and that tail, my its beautifully long and thick.”

“Does she do any tricks?” The gentleman said, looking at her Master for an answer.

“That depends on what mood she’s in,” She could feel his laugh reddening her skin and instantly knew she would comply.

“Can you roll over for me?” She sank to the floor and rolled onto her back, arms and legs up in the air, her breasts on display for all to see. “Good girl,” The biscuit was pushed under her nose for her to take. She was about to roll back when the lady knelt on the floor beside her. She bent over her body and was stroking between her breasts down her stomach. She felt her nipples twinge as they hardened, her body craved more. She let out a little whimper as her hand continued down her body, her breath held as she slowly approached her mound.

“I think you might be getting her overly excited, come now girl,” Master’s words were met with mixed feelings but she knew she was to please him. The lady expressed her apologies and with one last secret touch, went to sit back onto the chair.

She got back to her knees and crawled to her Master, crunching her reward and finishing it before kneeling before him.

“Up onto my lap, there’s a good girl,” She stretched her body up onto his legs and curled herself up on him. The warmth of his bulge against her face as she nuzzled him and breathed him in deeply. He continued his conversation with his friends as his fingers sought to inspect her, finding a moist path he nestled them inside her. “Good girl.”

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  1. Does she do any tricks made me smile. I really like the detail earlier too, about her nerves, which didn’t help her inserting it. I think that’s very relatable.

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