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It’s bedtime, usually between 10 and 11. Although she felt tired and may even have fallen asleep on the sofa downstairs, by the time we have got ourselves ready and into bed she is no longer as sleepy as she was before. I’ll be laying on my back and Littlegem will nestle her head into my shoulder.

“Tell me a story Daddy.”

I’m glad that gem was finally able to discuss her inner ruby. This tradition goes back way further than our D/s. It is one of the many things we did that made us think ‘how did we not know about your little side before?’

Before, the thought of telling a story late at night didn’t interest me much. I would want to roll over and go to sleep but I didn’t mind indulging her for a little bit. There were also times when I felt my brain whirring away thinking too much, so it was almost a relief to have my mind distracted.

“Ok, what’s in the story?”

In order to fill in the gaps of my lack of imagination I ask gem to think of three things that the story must include. If she’s in a silly mood, and at this point she normally is, the three things will be completely random.

That’s not completely true, usually it’ll be one of her cuddly toys or something food related.

I will then begin to tell a story, not really knowing where it is going to go. That’s how we and up with stories like the frog that licks white marshmallows to make them into pink ones. Or how candyfloss from the fair is turned into puppies when sprinkled with magic powder. It doesn’t really matter in a way. Gem just wants to cuddle into me and hear my voice. I will try to make the story silly and have a happy ending.

“Thank you Daddy”

When it is over gem will close her eyes and fall asleep. Now when she asks for a story I enjoy faciliating her headspace, to make her feel happy and have sweet dreams.

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