Through The Wooden Door

“You are only to walk around the room on your knees. This is a high protocol situation, do you understand?”

“Yes Master.” My head was spinning. A whirling mess of excitement, nerves, fear and more excitement. Yes, there was enough excitement to carry on. Not to bolt like a horse if the other emotions were more overpowering. The ratio was just right.

I tried not to show it but I’m sure what I was feeling was written all over my face. I felt his hand upon my neck, lifting my chin so his eyes were looking deep into mine.

“You are beautiful and I want to show you off. Remember my gem, eyes down at all times and only speak if I ask it of you.”

Feeling his hand on my neck had the desired effect, I felt my body calm and his words wash over me. I want this, probably more than he does. Most of all I want to please him. His hand was removed and in its place my play collar was fastened around my neck. Again his eyes met mine as he adjusted the O ring to the front,

“Take your clothes off.” I obliged and handed them to him. Hesitantly I then fell to my hands and knees.

“Good girl.” I heard his voice trail off as a locker clinked shut. “Now follow me.”

My stomach a knot as the heavy wooden doors open, I crawl forward following Master’s patent leather shoes. The first thing that hit me was the warmth of the air in the room against my bare skin and the plush carpet under my knees. Adjusting to the new atmosphere I allowed myself to glance around the room, but only at leg level. The knot in my stomach tightens. Many bodies filled the room, some on all fours as myself, naked apart from a collar around their necks. Some even complete with a leash. Others were standing, a mix of clothed males and naked females.

I followed Master through the maze of legs and bodies. I could hear chatter amongst everyone standing, even some of the females, although not close enough to make out the words. I was glad that I didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone, even more relieved not to be able to speak. I have no idea what I would say anyway, too painfully aware of my nudity. Master had made his way to the bar and ordered himself a drink. A metal bowl appeared on the floor in front of me, a clear liquid inside.


“That is your drink.” His voice in my ear. My face flushed as I tentatively dipped my tongue in. A familiar taste, gin and tonic. I lapped at the bowl as delicately as I could, the humiliation awakening a tingling sensation in me. I could feel Master’s hands in my hair, caressing my head and cheek lovingly.

Looking up from my bowl I could see a tall figure approach and greet Master at the bar. Behind the smartly dressed male a dark-haired female was following on her hands and knees, her long hair covering her face. I suddenly felt very animalistic, an urge to go over and sniff or nuzzle her, but I stayed still. Fear of what she might think grounded me. Before I could get my bearings further Master was on the move, he paced steadily across the room and to the entrance of a small corridor. Confusion filled me. ‘Where were we going, not the men’s room, surely he wouldn’t make me go in there?’ My thoughts raced and in my panic I risked a glance behind me into the room we were leaving so suddenly. A spark ignited inside me, they were following us. The tall gentleman was close behind and I could just see the female trialing at his legs, her hair swaying as she crawled on all fours. I turned to face ahead once more and shuffled at a quicker pace to keep up with Master, not wanting him to notice I had looked behind me. He had come to a door that had ‘private’ on a wooden sign fixed to it. He got a key out of his pocket and opened the door. ‘Where did he get that from’ I couldn’t hide my expression of apprehension, my heart racing once more.

“Come through gem, quickly now and wait by the sofa.” His voice was soft but commanding, it was reassuring to me. I did as I was told and waited on my knees. Naturally and without thought I put my arms behind my back and crossed at the wrists.

“Very nice,” The gentleman was in the room beside Master. His words cutting new excitement into me, unknown so far. The dark-haired lady was next to me Kneeling, I could feel the warmth of her body against my skin. I didn’t dare risk a glance at her. But I wanted to desperately. The men started a conversation between themselves, sipping the golden liquid from their glasses. Butterfly’s filled my stomach with the anticipation of what would happen next. ‘Maybe nothing at all,’ I thought to myself, perhaps to stop myself getting overly excited.

While my head was full of thoughts I was pulled out by the sensation of her arm touching mine. A tingling left in the wake. ‘A mistake perhaps?’ Before I could over think it she was running her hand down my arm, her fingers light and delicate. Not knowing what to do but not wanting this contact to end I turned my head and took in her beautiful face. She was wearing a cheeky smile and looking directly at me. Panicking I looked at the men, they were busy in full conversation, too engrossed to notice. I couldn’t help but look back at her, my face flushing a deep shade of red as she saw me looking at her soft curvaceous breasts and slim body. My body still frozen to the spot she brushed her hand over my breast and erect nipples. I breathe out heavily at the sensation.

“I think she’s enjoying that.” Like a deer caught in headlights I look at Master, his face grinning at me. His words burning my cheeks.

“Do you think we can’t see you, you naughty girls.” His voice was like treacle, coating my body with pleasure. I try to stutter a defence but my voice fails me.

“Come here now. The both of you.” I whimper inwardly at his direction but did what he asked. We both crawled to the feet of our respective Masters.

“We should punish you for your disobedience,” The men looked at each other, a knowing nod exchanged between them, “But as it is your first offence and one we were quite enjoying, we think you should tend to our enjoyment instead.”

The words replayed in my head ‘no they can’t mean that, can they?’

“Well, we are waiting.” It was said sternly but in a congenial manner. The dark-haired lady started to undo her Master’s trousers. She smiled and took my hand softly in hers, placing it on my Master’s crotch. I could feel the heat from his manhood, the bulge pressing at the seams. I released him and admired his proud member, already glistening at its head. I watched as she did the same, coyly I looked away as her Master was revealed. I glimpsed back as she took him in her mouth, admired the great strokes she was receiving him with. I take a breath and feed Master’s cock into my mouth. I get to work on pleasuring him, always listening to the slurps and groans of pleasure happening right beside me. The noises spurring me on.

I know I am wet from what is happening, I’m aching for her to touch me with her delicate fingers. I imagine myself being devoured with the same vigour that she’s attending to her Master with. It’s almost unbearable but I don’t want it to end. The pace quickening, muscles beginning to tense, pleasure mounting and threatening to ricochet across my body and…

‘Boop’ the sound of my phone as I hit the red stop recording button. I press send and steady my breath, watching the loading circle spin as the video is being sent to PurpleSole. Arching my back trying to control the ache as I calm my body down.

Two days earlier.

“I really need you to fuck me, please, I need you inside me,” I begged as we lay in bed together. I hadn’t been allowed a release for a few days, that and the erotic fiction I had been reading had got me a bit wound up.

I could see a devious look spread across PS’s face,

“I will fuck you, if you masturbate whilst reading your book,”

“Yes, yes anything please,” I stupidly thought that was it, if anything that would have been a great treat.

“Whilst recording it. Oh, and you’re not allowed to orgasm.”

I would have accepted any terms at that point.

Whilst reading my mind wandered and I created a bit of erotic fiction fantasy of my own, heavily influenced by the Sleeping Beauty book I was reading. Not sure what PS is going to think when he reads it!

Masturbation Monday


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  1. Oh wow. I missed this before but I am glad that I followed the link from your new post. This sounds like a really hot scenario to me ?

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