Cane and Able

For most people Monday brings dread, when the reality of life comes crashing back after a weekend with those we love. For me it brings another feeling. Monday night is impact night for us, something I have a love/hate relationship with. I like the idea of it and know that it is one of littlegem’s favourite ways to play, but of recent it hasn’t really worked.

I mean, how difficult is it to hit your wife?

My biggest issue has been positioning. I’ve tried a few but there isn’t one I’ve found that I really like yet. So far I’ve tried:

– Over the knee, good for spanking but not great for bloodflow to my lower extremities so this may start a scene but can’t last long. Gem doesn’t find it very comfortable either, must be my pointy knees. We’ve tried doing it in different ways but the result is always the same.

Cuffed to the door. This worked well for us and the over-the-door cuffs have been a worthy purchase. However there is also a time issue, after 15 minutes gem can’t feel her hands, which is sub-optimal. There have also been problems when she has collapsed during impact.

Laying on the floor. A load of cushions in the floor to make a ‘bed’. It make for a more relaxing experience but her bottom isn’t quite in the right place and it’s difficult to hit her when she’s so low down.

So I put my thinking hat on, if our play is to go right I need to eliminate some of the problems that previous play highlighted. While I’m at work I can allow my mind to wander and think of ways to play. I come up with a new idea, now I’m looking forward to trying it out.

But when I come home gem isn’t in the mood. A health issue for one of our children has stressed her out. My mind reminds me of the times that gem tells me to use my dominance to put her in the right mood, to push her to do things. But this isn’t the time, it isn’t a D/s matter and what she needs is a cuddle. We watched some television and that was that, so I thought.

But with the kids now asleep and the programme and cuddles lifting her mood she tells me she’s ready to play. It’s time, I jump up and start to set up. She continues to lay on the sofa with a confused look as I pull out our spinning cuddle chair into the middle of the room. She looks even more confused when I grab 4 equal sized books.

The spinning cuddle chair spins because it sits on a metal circle, by putting the books underneath I can use the now elevated bar as an anchor point.

Gem is then instructed to get on the chair, on all fours, with her chin on the back of the chair. Cushions give her support underneath so she can relax. Her bum is in the air at a good height, she tells me afterwards this made her feel very vulnerable, which is great for me. Her limbs can then be tied down.


The play goes really well, I am able to spank, flog and crop without too many problems. I even use the cane, an implement I have mixed feelings about most of the time. But once she’s more relaxed and able to take more, I feel more comfortable. It’s not hard, since I’m hitting her for around 45 minutes, still enough to cause a few welts that are sore the next few days. It’s enough to put her into subspace which was what I was after. I check in with her multiple times by putting my finger in her palm. By squeezing back I know she’s ok. The squeezes get more faint as play goes on, but I know if she loses consciousness she won’t go anywhere.

When we stop, a blanket, a cuddle and a beverage are quickly provided. With aftercare nailed she falls asleep pretty quickly. Job done, I’m just glad I’ve been able to do an impact session that has gone well.

8 Replies to “Cane and Able

  1. That’s a nice cuddle/spanking chair! I like how you detailed all the options that didn’t work for you. We don’t really have a designated spot – I’ve been spanked all over the house!?

    1. Yes we used to use it for cuddling in, but I like it’s re-purpose. I don’t think we could just spank anywhere, it would be too cold ?

      1. It’s an awesome chair, must practice my ropework on it more. I did look at a proper spanking bench, but they can be mega expensive. Let alone where am I going to store it.

        1. We have a wicker coffee table that is pretty good. It doubles as storage, and my favorite part….. guests use it all the time and have no idea what happens on that thing?

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