Come As You Are

red guitar is lying on its side, covering littlegem's front but with one breast exposed. The rest of the image is black and white for dramatic affect.

“I want to take some naked photos of you with your red guitar”

My first thought was that I really didn’t think it would work, my second thought was regarding the whereabouts of my red guitar.

We get around two hours mid afternoon at the weekend when the children are napping, perfect for taking photos. PurpleSole got everything set up whilst I was putting some makeup on. Although my face doesn’t show in most the photos it just makes me feel happier about myself, therefore the shoot usually goes better.

littlegem sitting facing the wall. A red guitar is leaning against her back, her hands holding it at the fret. She is naked and the guitar shape emphasises her womanly curves.

I didn’t like the idea of such staged photos, especially with a guitar that I haven’t played for years (and not well even then). I thought I would feel fake, like I was trying to be something I’m not. But to my surprise I had a really good time and as a bonus the photos turned out ok.

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49 Replies to “Come As You Are

  1. Oh my goodness – I can’t say how much I love these images! I have taken photos of myself with my man’s guitar and it was ok – but with my mobile – I keep meaning to get him to take some of me with the cannon -these are brilliant – and when I get round to doing my own I will credit you guys with the inspiration – these are just WOW

  2. I agree with May. Theses pictures are absolutely gorgeous. They look so professional and you make a stunning model. I love the symmetry in the second one but the cheeky nipple in the first also steals my heart. Well done guys ❤️

    1. Thank you missy. I think this is the first photo shoot we have done that I liked so many of the photos from, hard to choose for the post.

  3. I echo the above. Gorgeous photos that are so very well done!! Years ago a girlfriend who was into photography wanted to shoot nudes of me with my guitars—they didn’t turn out nearly so well!

  4. I have considered taking similar images with my husband’s guitar. The curve-along-the-back is a pose I’ve seen often (and liked!), but the laying-down front-of-body is new – conceptually – to me. You’ve pulled it off stunningly. The way your arm is hidden behind your shoulder both accentuates the cutaway and lends an abstract feel to the image.

    Loving this!

    1. I would recommend it, very fun. Yeah PS had a few ideas for different poses but I kind of got into it and did my own thing aswell.

  5. I love the second image, but the first one really stole my heart. It’s stunning! This made me regret not using my son’s guitar last week when he was traveling.

    Rebel xox

  6. The photos are AMAZING, in particular the top one is just so beautiful with the curves of the guitar mirrors the ones of your body


  7. Sexy, Gorgeous, Sultry, Beautiful, Seductive, Hot…these images are so Awesome, I just don’t have enough Amazing descriptive words to do them justice !!!!! They should be framed as large prints and hung in your home PROUDLY!!

  8. Wow. WOW. They say that the guitar is supposed to be shaped like a woman’s body (albeit a very long-necked one!) – I’ve never found the sight of a guitar all that sexy (usually just the sound when it’s well-played) but I think I might reconsider after looking at these pictures. Utterly glorious

  9. I love those two pics! Both are beautiful. The first one (with you and the guitar lying down) is my favourite!

    I’m being given a ukulele soon. When my girl comes to visit, I’ll see what I can do with that, photographically. (You get more skin, with a uke, so that’s a bonus.)

    Beautiful photos!

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