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This weekend has been busy. Our youngest is turning one at the beginning of next week so we are having family over to celebrate. I like making cakes, especially for Birthdays but with little hands in the way, I don’t get time to during the day. So my Friday and Saturday evenings were spent baking and icing a cake.

I have recently been sent the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by a kinky online American friend, which it was lovely of her to do, and have made some time to start reading them. As I was baking I had been telling PurpleSole all about the story so far and my likes and dislikes of what had happened. I happened to mention how I could see my views on being naked changing, that I was thinking about it differently. This is when PS told me to remove my clothing whilst continuing on with what I was doing.

I still hesitate at his commands, only if for a second but it’s still there. I would like to get to a place where I am fully in his control and submissive but I’m not there yet. I like to think progress has been made though and I did enjoy the looks I received from PS and the occasional caress of my breasts.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. You’ll soon learn to be careful what words exit your mouth with such a sharp Dom lurking! Only here could I say a cake looks great without mentioning a naked lady in the picture!

  2. Are those little fondant pandas! How cute and you’re very talented! I too am still struggling with giving up full control – it is something we talk about regularly. There’s still that hesitation, or a look, or an unnecessary comment. I think Submissy put it best when she described it like peeling the layers off an onion. I so look forward to having a few more layers pulled off!

    1. It’s very difficult isn’t it and seems crazy as it’s what I am asking for and crave. I remember missy’s post describing it aswell, she can write her feeling so well. The panda is cake in the middle and marzipan on the outside btw, I don’t know why I chose to make it more difficult for myself lol.

    1. Thank you, yeah the surfaces are slightly cluttered in the photo. If I had realised PS was taking them I would have cleared up slightly!

  3. This is great. I love how natural and real it is and it captures the way the picture came about, which you go on to explain. I realised one day that I would always hesitate sometimes. It depends where my head is at whether or not it happens but there will always be some things that will stop me I think, even just for that split second.

    1. Thank you. I guess that may be the case, I was really hoping I could get to a place where my hesitation was gone, that I would just trust that PS would have thought of everything but that is a big ask of us both.

      1. I am sure that it is different for everyone. I have found if it is something which really challenges me then my anxiety causes that initial response but it doesn’t mean it would happen to you. I have definitely seen progress in some areas but am still a work in progress overall. There are different types of submissive though and I had not realised that at the start. There will always be a little bit of fight in me as I want to be conquered and taken but the submissives you read about always become completely compliment in the end. I guess it depends on both your personalities and making sure your growth is in a direction which makes the most of you. ?

  4. I love this image. Especially as it wasn’t staged for the picture. Please don’t worry about those moments of hesitation. They mean that you are making an active choice to obey each time. I think that is valid, powerful and dynamic.

    1. That’s exciting and I’m sure one day would be a possibility for you. I get cold quickly so that’s my main draw back with nakedness.

    1. Thank you, my elder daughter (2) saw the cake and couldn’t believe it had her sisters night night panda on top. Very cute reaction!

  5. Being naked in the kitchen is wonderful and I love the way your hair settles around your shoulders and back. Hope the cake is appreciated and your little one has a great birthday. No doubt you will have flashbacks while eating the cake…..

  6. Even after all these years, I sometimes still hesitate too. I think it’s a natural response, but I understand what you’re saying, and yes I too want to just obey and not hesitate. Love your sexy image!

    Rebel xox

  7. I have definitely grown to love being naked more and more and him telling me to strip is such a sexy thing. You have the most beautiful long hair and I love how this is capturing a moment of your life


  8. Books are fun and sexy to read, and it’s very cool that you are sharing your thoughts about what you read together. But in the end they are fantasy. What you experience and the way that you experience together is what matters. Honestly, I don’t think anyone submits immediately every time, without hesitation. That’s fantasy.That you thought about it, that you had reservations, and that you still submitted to him – that’s beautiful. It’s all a journey. And no two journeys are the same.

    Also, gorgeous hair!

  9. Speaking as a dom, I don’t mind a second’s hesitation followed by obedience. It’s nice, from a Dom’s point of view, to know you’re asking something hard to give.

    And how warm you make his heart when you give him your obedience.

    Lovely picture, too!

  10. Such beautiful work, from both of you! I’d like to be asked to strip in the kitchen…although maybe I need to start baking…I also agree on the difference between immediate compliance and that second of hesitation before complying and which may be preferred. Only you’ll know which is best for you both xx

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