The Lying, The Which and The Wardrobe

With that erotic writing conference not long in the horizon in March, we are getting prepared, tickets, hotel, train all sorted. This will be the first time we meet any people in real life in the community, that excites and worries me. It is the only event we have planned for this year so far. That in mind, we plan to make the most of it and have heard how nice everyone is. Judging by those I have met online I have no doubt that isn’t true.

In order to make this trip possible we require family to look after our children for a couple of days. They’re bound to ask questions, and although it isn’t a kink event they may have raised eyebrows if we told them it was an erotic writing conference. I asked a friend about this and turns out he’s a seasoned liar, giving me tips on how to get around this issue.

So we’re going to London to go shopping on Saturday and seeing a show Sunday *wink*. Just need to look up a show, know where and when it’s on then read a synopsis and some reviews.

It feels like we’re teenagers again, sneaking out to a party. Surely as adults we don’t need to be doing this?

Alibi sorted, we can now focus on which talks we want to see. There’s so much that we want to see and won’t be able to see it all. Gem has shown uncomfortable excitement at the branding. I’m not sure at the moment, even if there is something that interests me about seeing a PS branded on her.

I’m looking forward to seeing any kind of demo, or even seeing other people’s dynamics. There is always a voice in the back of my head going “what if you’re doing it wrong?” I know ultimately we’re both consenting adults so I shouldn’t be concerned about how we do what we do, that’s just how I am.

This is also a great chance to dress in a way we choose. I don’t really get much opportunity to look nice and not having to worrying about the children means we can relax about it. Gem has wanted to wear her underbust corset out for a while and I’m sure she has other plans in mind. Not forgetting some outfits for photos.

One thing that she will be wearing is a chain, attached to me. We’ve been to London once before as a couple and gem confessed she was uncomfortable (the tube station nearly had her in tears). She didn’t like how busy and chaotic it can feel. I jokenly said I could hold her by a leash to settle her nerves. Turns out it was a good idea, but I don’t think that’s the direction we want to go being outside with our dynamic, too many looks. Instead she will have a cuff around her wrist and I will hold her via some fingerloops I have made. We then hold hands and it’s almost undetectable.


‘Almost’ being an important word in that sentence.

Whatever happens I’m sure it will be an adventure we’ll both enjoy, no matter how scary it seems. Only 2 more months to go.

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  1. Again with the perfect title for your post! Also, there’s branding at Eroticon?!?! And we LOVE your idea for the cuff leash! We’re going to Frolicon in Atlanta in April and I think we are going to create our own version for that event, so thank you for the wonderful idea!

    The first time Sir went to NYC we took the train from the airport and ended up in Penn Station. It’s a very crowded station with low ceilings and there are soldiers with German shepherds and semi automatic rifles. It’s a lot to take in! We were trying to buy another ticket to our final destination and I can see the panic growing on his face! We figured out we were only a mile and a half from the apartment so we decided to walk instead. Best decision! He quickly adjusted to the crowds but let gem know she’s not the only one!?

    1. You have no idea how smug I was when I thought of it so thank you ?. I’ve used your idea and we got a clicker so it’s great that we can share ideas.

      That does sound scary. I think gem was most afraid of losing me in a crowd, so being chained together will solve that. I hope there isn’t something i haven’t thought of (ticket barriers etc).

      Frolicon sounds fun, look forward to hearing about that.

        1. Im still thinking about how to use it. I might do it slightly differently. We bought lots of things recently and I need to get round to using them.

  2. Some years ago I have been branded at Eroticon, and the butterfly from back then was still visible until I got my last tattoo. You can look on my site and will find pics there, or I can send you links, just let me know. Looking forward to meeting you in two months!

    Rebel xox

    1. I have seen the tattoos (beautiful btw) but not the branding. I will research more, especially if it’s a something we’re going to consider. Look forward to see if you too, we’ll be the 2 nervous looking people.

        1. Thank you for sending the link. Wow that looks amazing, I really want to get one, the only off-putting side is that I would have to sit in front of people whilst it was being done. PS is not so sure though.

  3. Excited for you both, it feels duplicitous when having to make up stories to family who are kindly caring for the kids, been there too many times to mention, but it’s very worth the time and experience together.

    1. Thanks, yes it’s not often we get time just the two of us so must make the most of it ☺. I know gem will worry about them, I don’t know why, they love nanny and grandad’s house.

  4. I think I need tips from a seasoned liar too! Sir wants us to attend an event in March but I’m resisting as I can’t think of a plausible story to get the kids looked after for the time that we need.

    I look forward to hearing how your first venture out into public goes.

    1. Is needing some time away just you and TC not a plausible excuse? Or maybe one of your birthdays/ anniversary near that date. It’s difficult.

      I look forward to it too, it’s our only adventure we have planned.

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