Shoot to Thrill

It is important for me to push the boundaries. The boundaries of littlegem, as well as my own. It has always been a focus of conversation when we check in with each other during after care, about how we see our dynamic.

In order to be effective I must get the balance right between the forceful side that she desires without taking it so far that it becomes too much. I myself have to be comfortable with what I’m doing, if I’m not then it’ll probably become noticeable. Our enjoyment comes off each other, therefore pushing the boundaries has to come from my own confidence. Gem trusts me to take her submission deeper.

Humiliation is one of these areas that I have been trying to explore, taking gem out of her comfort zone. To get her to squirm and know that I am in control. If it was impact play I would be comfortable slowly ratcheting up the sensations, pulling back if need be. But when it comes to pushing her in an emotional sense it becomes a bit more tricky. Everyone is individual and responds differently to stimuli. For example I know a ball gag can be liked by a sub, however gem hates it. So much that it is considered one of the worst punishments I can give her, much worse than washing her mouth out with soap. Even though I feel I know gem well enough to play to her emotional masochism needs, I can still be surprised so I must be careful.

We have worked on the way gem feels about her own body, taking photos and sharing them has been a great help. So I know that being the force behind that push isn’t as negative as it could sound. I continue to take her to the limit, last week by filming her as she masturbated. It was a punishment of sorts, she had removed herself from the ankle cuff at night without permission, therefore she needed to be taught a lesson about when to release.

The punishment needs to fit the crime and it was a bit tenuous but I wasn’t sure what else to do.

She had no idea of what was going to happen, and looked confused when I told her she was being punished while simultaneously being handed a wand. She was told to bring herself close to orgasm. It was at this point I got my phone out and began filming her. She didn’t like it, but that’s what makes a punishment.

I should point out she can say “red” at any time, even during punishment.

The idea was for her to edge herself not knowing when she’d be allowed to come, in some ways I didn’t know either. She would writhe at the slow-paced countdown that would allow her climax, groaning when it dared to go up instead of down. In the end she was finally allowed to climax.

Before play I think about the emotional side. I worry if I’m taking it too far. I run it through in my head, the sequence of events, the words I use, the positioning. It’s almost like I’m backstage before a performance and only I know the script. In my head it sounded great but as it gets nearer the time doubt begins to creep up on me.

Afterwards, even though everything went to plan thoughts don’t disappear. In this case it was:

‘You punished her by letting her orgasm? What kind of negative reinforcement is this?’

We talked. She assures me that it was effective, filming her as she gets off was exactly the sort of humiliation she needed. By pushing her boundaries I am also pushing myself, my doubts. Doing things different keeps it fresh and exciting.

“If you really wanted to punish me you could share the video, “she says without really thinking. “I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

No, she shouldn’t.

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23 Replies to “Shoot to Thrill

  1. I think that sounds like a perfect punishment for her crime – especially since her “crime” was a surprise for you! I do like to hear your perspective on issues like this. So weird, I wrote a post today that’s scheduled for tomorrow about punishment needing to fit the crime!?

    1. Oh I let her off for becoming vixen, funny enough I don’t mind when she dresses as a woodland creature and has sex with me. I had some inspiration one night and got out of bed to draw something, gem didn’t know where I was and went to find me. I look forward to reading your post and attempting it to comment on it!

        1. Maybe ☺ I loved your punishment fits the crime post. Mainly because of the leash part. We use it for play and it’s real Dom-rod stuff for me. Gem made human friendly dog biscuits for her treats.

          Have you been on the Safeword Club? Would love to see you and your Sir on there.

          1. Thank you! Yes the leash and collar did it for me as well. Obviously being physically controlled is something I quite enjoy. Lol on the Dom-rod – such a perfect term!

            The SWC is at the top of my list of things to look into. I’ve discussed it with Sir and we are both very interested but don’t really know how it works with us being in the US. Also we have really bad internet up on the mountain so I’m not sure if that would be an issue.

  2. Well, I would have to say the punishment fitted the crime very well, consdidering all the elements you very carefully put in place behind the scenes! Very well done Sir!

  3. I do find your posts really interesting – once again this fascinated me – keep up the good work! Do you think you may open a twitter account?

    1. Thank you. When we first made this blog we didn’t really think anyone would read it and only did it for fun. I think we will have to look into it, once we work out how to do it. ?

  4. It’s not too difficult to open an account, and you can then check your posts in settings so they go into a twitter feed. (You can also uncheck it if you don’t want to share a post widely). Be mindful who you follow and start with the people you already have contact with via the blog or in everyday life.
    Very interesting punishment BTW.

  5. Sometimes, something that can and will be enjoyed under other circumstances, can still be a punishment. I love how you keep on checking in with each other after play. In my opinion that is so very important!

    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you, yes we always make sure we give each other enough time to talk.

      Could I possibly ask a favour. Since Saturday all of my comments on other people’s blogs haven’t been posting. I tried to post on your sinful Sunday but i dont think it got through. I would be very grateful if you could look in your spam folder. It’s been a nightmare as I’m having to contact people directly. Thanks, PS.

  6. I have writen about punishments before and you are right that they can be tricky. Spanking me is (mostly) not going to punish me but I say mostly because he has a truly evil hairbrush that I fucking hate. That is most definitely a punishment and I will go out of my way to avoid it. We have found that finding punishments, like so much to do with kink and D/s, require trial and error.


    1. Thanks Molly. Yes I find most punishment is ineffective as it becomes enjoyable and we wouldn’t want that! In some ways it’s good that punishments are required sometimes as it gives us an opportunity to establish our roles. Usually punishable behaviour comes from a drop so it’s good to reset that.

  7. Finding the right balance of punishment is very tricky. JB finds whatever I’m sure to hate (within my boundaries) so that I’ll actively work to avoid it. Funnily enough there was a time I felt the same way about ballgags (detesting them) and now it’s less so. It’s strange how we change and morph over time…which is also part of the fun and the challenge, too. 🙂

    1. It is a fun challenge so I do relish coming up with new punishments ☺. She told me that after having ballgag punishment she had nightmares about going to the dentist, so maybe that’s why she hates it so much.

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