Down Mammory Lane

Last week we were fortunate enough to have our Sinful Sunday photo included in the round-up. This was the first time that’s happened and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Of course we only do these things for fun, but we’d had a sucky day. Seeing our picture had been picked was very special, it certainly brightened our day.

I looked at the photo again. Something seemed familiar about it, then I remembered. In our post reflection there is a photo of gem naked on the bed. The post was a few months ago but the picture is from 2015 and before we had children. Littlegem discusses the issues she has with the way she sees herself. At this point she was only happy showing that picture of her breasts. All photos we took had her covered in some way.

‘PS is slowly helping me see myself the way he sees me. So, I may not look like this anymore, my breasts may be saggier, my nipples larger and my stomach full of stretch marks but that doesn’t change anything, I’m going to say it, I am sexy.

One day, when I have the courage, I will take a photo in this position of the me I am now. But I am not ready, not yet’


I’ve put the photos together, 2015 on top, last week underneath and to me it shows two things. Firstly gem’s body is sexy and beautiful and I will never stop saying that, not because I have to but because I want to. Frankly I don’t see much difference.

Secondly, without knowing it gem’s confidence has grown. She has allowed pictures of her to be taken and published for all to see. Before she would be happy to take photos, but only for my eyes. Now she is more comfortable, not only having her picture taken but having confidence to share online.

So it is extra special that the picture we took last week was chosen and shared with so many others, because it shows how far we’ve come in only a few months.

When I first showed these two pictures together the first thing gem said was “I’m wearing a pearl necklace in both these photos”, I had to laugh.

17 Replies to “Down Mammory Lane

  1. Thank you Master for your help in building my confidence and pushing my boundaries, I can’t believe the difference you have made in such a small amount of time. I love you so much.

  2. I am so pleased that you have been able to help gem to come so far in such a short space of time. Who knows what exciting things will happen next!?! ?

  3. First off, I absolutely love the title of this post! I can’t see a difference in the photos at all – she’s amazingly beautiful! I can’t stop noticing her perfect chin and her hair in the top picture is gorgeous – like a mermaid! ?‍♀️

    1. You’re very sweet, thank you. Gem will love to see that. I can’t take the credit for the name HisLordship said it a while ago and I nicked it (I did ask).

  4. Gem you look wonderful! It’s a human flaw to look for the negatives in one’s personality and physical appearance but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Keeps your feet on the floor! Missy has slowly moved away from being self concious about what she used to look like in comparission to now. She she look great then as does she now – and as do you.

  5. They are both very sensuous. The red lips add to the effect. I assume the second one has something different on your neck lol… ? I’m a bit naive Rex tells me! 🙂

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