Chicken Stroganott

As the Big Ben bongs the sound of the new year, fireworks begin to shoot into the sky sounding out a cacophony of sparkles and colours. We would watch from our living room, littlegem on all fours as I have sex with her from behind. Gem ooo’s and aah’s from the sensory overload starting 2019 with a bang.

At least that was the plan.

Not all things go as planned. Gem hasn’t been feeling well this week. She has been off and on which has meant kink has mainly been replaced with cuddles. It would have been nice to take greater advantage of our time off together but it can’t be helped.

Gem still wanted to do something new year’s eve. In the evening after the children had been put to bed we had a candlelit dinner on the floor. Gem in a silky nightdress and I in suit trousers and a tie. It was a bit silly, but that’s how we are.

Because of the lack of organisation this week the food shop wasn’t planned like it normally is. Usually gem will write a meal plan and shopping list and stick to it. This time we took things off the shelf like it was supermarket sweep. All this meant our romantic dinner was going to be interesting. It was Beef Stroganoff, except we didn’t buy beef so had to use chicken. We can’t use cream so had to use a dairy free alternative. We didn’t even have brandy so had to use whiskey instead. Chicken Stroganott was rather nice considering.


We talked about how far we’d come this year. The strengthened bond we have from our D/s dynamic. It was a relaxing way to spend our evening.


Afterwards, instead of our usual play we used some of the toys we hadn’t used a huge amount previously and one that we hadn’t used at all. Nipple clamps, as gem’s breasts have become available for play post-breastfeeding. Didn’t stop some milk coming out. We also used labia clamps, clit clamp and a wartenberg wheel. We played in the candlelight so I didn’t realise all the lines I’d made until I turned on the light.

Then we sat, gem laid on me, promptly falling asleep, it was 10pm. I wasn’t going to wake her, she needed the sleep. An hour later we went up to bed, I chained her up and she continued to sleep. It was at this point out youngest decided to start screaming. I left gem in bed, made a bottle and fed her back to sleep. Making it back to bed about 10 minutes before midnight. I might as well wait for new year, as my phone vibrates with messages and the fireworks go off. Gem has stirred and cuddles me. Happy New Year.

Looking Forward

I didn’t want to look back too much, since the blog is only a few months old. But I would like to thank missy and HisLordship for pushing us to go ahead and write. It has been much more fun than I imagined. Also to Sweetgirl as her blog got us started in this community.

This year I would like take our dynamic outside more, to meet new people and to explore our relationship further. Going to Eroticon in March should help this, but I can’t say I’m not nervous about it.

Someone to look for in 2019

I have been reading a relatively new blog from bluesubmission and it has been a joy to read. I look forward to hearing more about their dynamic.

Finally I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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  1. Thank you so much PurpleSole and Little gem! It really means a lot to me that you’ve mentioned my blog here (activity has been going wild today and I think I have you to thank)! I’ve also enjoyed reading your posts and getting a peek into your lives, and I feel like we have a lot in common and a lot to share. I wish Sir and I could go to Eroticon, but unless I get a really big commission between now and then, it looks like it will have to be 2020.

  2. I love this post. Sometimes life doesn’t work out quite as we plan but the intimacy and closeness that you share means that doesn’t matter and you can adapt to suit your needs. I am so pleased that you have become part of our community. I have enjoyed getting to know you both and can’t wait to meet you for real. ?

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